How to Know if a Sports Dietitian is Right For You?

Jan 20, 2022

If you are looking to improve your health or enhance your performance this year, it might be time to invest in a Dietitian. But finding the right person can be overwhelming and confusing.

Here are some tips for how to know if a Sports Dietitian is right for you, and how to best work with them based on your goals, time and budget:

Check Credentials

  • Make sure you're working with someone that is qualified to be giving nutrition advice
  • Look for 'APD' or 'Accredited Practicing Dietitian' if you’re in Australia
  • Other countries have different regulatory bodies, so make sure they have done a proper qualified university-level study in nutrition
  • If you’re looking for a Sports Dietitian make sure 'Accredited Sports Dietitian' is after their name in Australia or look at what regulatory bodies are in your country


  • Look for a Dietitian that is an expert in your area e.g. gut health, fertility, team sport etc.
  • I am an endurance nutrition specialist so I work with runners, cyclists, triathletes and crazy multi-day event type athletes
  • Finding someone who is an expert in your sport will provide you with the best plan, specific advice and quickly

Find a Dietitian You Connect Well With

  • Connecting well with a Dietitian’s style and personality can more easily motivate and inspire you
  • This will also provide you with better results as you will understand their process and expectations

Find What Style Suits You

  • This is important to suit your style of learning, time availability and amount of information you are wanting to learn

The Different Ways You Can Work with a Dietitian

1. Online Courses

  • These are perfect if you’re wanting self-paced education you can do at home and come back to whenever you like
  • These are very cost-effective ways to get high level, expert information
  • This can also provide you some insight into that Dietitian’s style of learning if you’re interested in working further with them
Dietitian Approved: Online Courses

Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Perfect for learning the foundations of nutrition
  • Lifetime access to the information

To learn more head HERE

Supercharged Triathlete Kickstarter

  • Includes the key elements to become a supercharged triathlete
  • Lifetime access to the information
To learn more head HERE

2. Group Consulting Programs

The Triathlon Nutrition Academy Program

  • Join a community of like-minded triathletes, where you can share your experiences, ask questions and learn from each other in a social environment
  • Support from Taryn and the other athletes inside the program
  • The first 8 weeks will kick-start your supercharged triathlon journey and provide you with way more information than in just a one on one setting
  • The program will teach you pre-training nutrition, race nutrition, recovery nutrition, how to build appropriate meal plans, periodization and all the one-percenters to optimize your performance
  • It is an ongoing program, so you will have a lifetime access to the private community group, a Dietitian to ask questions to, and the latest information on research and products that are coming out

    To learn more head HERE

3. 1 on 1 Private Consultations

  • One on one sessions either delivered in person or online and is specific to you and your needs
  • This is typically done weekly, to begin with, and then slowly drops down to fortnightly and then monthly as you learn more
  • We teach you and empower you with the tools and the resources to know exactly what to eat and when to get the most out of training
  • We write all of your plans for you and teach you how to change your nutrition according to your training
  • The Endurance Package is our most popular and is a 16-week program that teaches you everything you need to know for an Endurance race like 70.3 or Ironman
  • It covers topics such as long session nutrition, race nutrition, carb loading, hydration and so many more aspects provided by an Advanced Sports Dietitian that is tailored specifically to you

To learn more, click HERE

Private Health Rebate

You can claim private consults through private health if you have Dietitian cover. You may also be able to claim the Academy Program depending on your Dietitian cover. Just check with your fund as to what you can claim specifically.

To go deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Podcast Episode 23: How to Know if a Sports Dietitian is Right For You?


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