Triathlon Nutrition Kickstart

Your warm-up on the path to becoming a SUPERCHARGED Triathlete

What we cover:

⚡️ The Fundamentals - because everyone needs to start here to build your solid nutritional pyramid the right way up

⚡️ The 5 food groups and why they're important for performance

⚡️ Understanding Food Labels - because they can be bloody confusing!

⚡️ Getting your 💩 together - Let me help you get organised and set up your nutrition to work for you, save you time, money and energy. Become an organisational blackbelt in the food department.

⚡️ Recovery Nutrition 101 - so you can back up quickly and perform at your best! Build your very own custom plan to ensure you're ticking off the right boxes for YOU + some recipes to fast track the process

⚡️ Fuelling Training 101 - I'll teach you the fundamentals of fuelling your high-performance machine and the best products on the market, saving you hours of fruitless research and wasted 💰on things that aren't right for you

These are what I think are some of the most important elements to get right if you want to train hard, recover faster and perform at your best! 

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$347.00 AUD