Festive Season Survival Guide

A generous helping of Dietitian Approved advice to support you through the silly season. This is not a carrot stick instead of pavlova type affair where you’ll be the only sober one at the party… we’re all about balance.

Are you stressing about how you’ll survive all the Christmas parties you’ve got coming up over the next few weeks? Or have you been lumped with the massive task of hosting this years Christmas party?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This 63 page Festive Season Survival Guide is your one stop shop to manage the silly season. 

It's jam packed it with everything from:

  • A Dietitian’s Top Tips to staying healthy this festive season. We help you avoid the dreaded 2+kg weight gain, but also enjoy the yummy food and drinks available to their maximum taste value without the guilt.
  • Navigating the buffet
  • Ways to stay active over the holiday period
  • Our strategies to enjoy drinking without wasting your holidays with a hangover
  • The Entertainers Guide. We give you specific Dietitian Approved strategies to cater yourself, coordinate everyone to bring a plate or organise catering.
    and the best part….
  • A MASSIVE recipe index containing 36 of the tastiest starters, mains and (most importantly) desserts

The only guide you’ll need this season!!


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