Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Triathlon Nutrition AcademyTM

We take you from a TIRED TRIATHLETE, winging it with your a SUPERCHARGED  TRIATHLETE, full of energy, smashing sessions and unlocking your true potential!

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Have you been WINGING IT by yourself trying to figure out what you should be eating to support training? 

Trying to Google how many carbohydrates to have on the bike or the best supplements to take for the competitive edge?

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar...

  • You struggle to get off the couch after big weekend sessions
  • You crave sweet in the afternoons to get through the afternoon slump
  • You fade towards the back end of tough sessions
  • By Friday you're exhausted and don't know how you're going to get through a big weekend of training
  • You're tired and fatigued all the time but you're not sure how to fix it
  • You're ready to get your nutrition sorted once and for all!
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Triathlon Nutrition Academy

If that sounds about right, keep on reading...

You know when it comes to your nutrition, things need to change!

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You're sick of fumbling around in the dark

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You're frustrated you can't seem to hit the goals you want to achieve

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You're starting to think nutrition is the missing link

Do you wish you had a Sports Dietitian in your corner to tell you exactly what to eat and when?


So you can finally train harder, recover faster and perform at your best?

And stop wasting time trying to navigate the internet!

Triathlon Nutrition Academy with Taryn Richardson


All for less than the cost of a new bike!

Triathlon Nutrition Academy


You've invested in a new bike, a coach and a training program, why not your nutrition?

Supercharged Triathlete Formula
So many athletes smash themselves at training with no regard for how they're fuelling or recovering.
But we only adapt (i.e. get fitter and faster) from the sessions we recover from.
If you want to find the sweet spot where training and nutrition intersect, you might need to up your game with your nutrition...just saying...

We call this sweet spot the


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Triathlon Nutrition Academy


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Create your very own meal plan so you know exactly what to eat and when.

No more winging it!

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Recover faster so you can back up quickly and smash your afternoon sessions.


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Have confidence navigating all of the sports nutrition BS out there and develop a custom plan that works for you

The 8 KEY INGREDIENTS you need to nail to become a SUPERCHARGED TRIATHLETE

Supercharged Triathlete Formula

Let's do this!



The Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Where you'll learn exactly what to eat and when to support triathlon training and racing.

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Nutrition Expert

Get access to the BEST Nutrition Information on tap with one of Australia's best Sports Dietitian's

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LIVE Question & Answer Sessions

Nutrition can be complicated! But that doesn’t mean you need to struggle trying to figure it out yourself. We answer your questions to help you reach your goals faster

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Community &

Join a powerful community of like-minded athletes that are equally passionate about striving to be the best they can be. 

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Athl-eat Friendly Recipes, Menu plans & Tips

To help you know exactly what to eat when to support training and racing

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Join the global community of Triathletes smashing PB's in the 4th leg of triathlon...Nutrition! 

Hey! I'm Taryn

I'm here to educate, guide, inspire and possibly even give you the kick in the butt you need to finally improve your nutrition once and for all. Think of me as your coach, but for food!

Endurance Sports Nutrition is my speciality. Triathlon is my jam!

Over the last 13 years I've helped hundreds of age-group triathletes just like you, understand how to fuel themselves properly to train and compete in the three disciplines. Alongside private practice, I consulted to Triathlon Australia for over 6 years, looking after our elite Australian Triathlon and ParaTriathlon team. Talk about dream job! 

When it comes to Triathlon Nutrition, there is no one better qualified to help you kick your goals!

Having a Sports Dietitian in your pocket will change your life, I can guarantee it. 

Consider me your secret weapon when it comes to getting fitter, faster, stronger (and healthier!)

I can't wait to work with you

Taryn x 

Triathlon Nutrition Academy


Here's exactly what you get over the 12 month program

Triathlon Nutrition Academy


Every week you get exclusive access to a masterclass with Advanced Sports Dietitian and Triathlon Nutrition expert. Taryn will go deep into a specific triathlon nutrition topic and give you a step-by-step plan to implement straight away.

All sessions are recorded so you can refer back to them anytime or catch up if you get behind. 


Every week Taryn goes live to answer any questions you have so you can get instant feedback and support. This is where you can get your burning questions answered to get individualised help you reach your goals faster.

If you can't make it live, don't stress as you can submit questions ahead of time and the session is recorded, timestamped and loaded into your library so you can catch up at a time that suits you.

This is not an online course - it's an experience.

Join the community with other motivated, passionate and fun triathletes striving to be the best they can be.

I'm ready!



You're also going to get access to:

Recipe Database



Get free access to over 130 athlete-friendly, dietitian approved recipes.

Every recipe ticks the right boxes to ensure you're getting enough protein, plenty of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and scalable carbs. A skill we'll teach you as part of the program

Value = $97

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Each week you get sent a Dietitian Approved menu plan for balanced dinners every night of the week + the shopping list and recipe to go with it. We want to make nutrition as easy as possible for you, so you don't have to waste your rest days thinking and planning meals.

Value = $1039

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We love having a secret community just for us. Connect with a powerful group of like-minded athletes that are equally passionate about achieving their goals. Share wins, stories and support each other

Value = $297

Bonus Modules



I know that food and nutrition change can be challenging for some. So I've added 4 BONUS modules in the last 4 weeks of each phase of the program to help you other skills and knowledge to help you become a SUPERCHARGED Triathlete.

Value = $1497

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It's time for you to make one of two choices...

The first choice is to do nothing. As you already know, if you choose nothing...then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to change the way you're eating - whether that's fuelling properly, recovering faster or just finally understanding what works best for you, then the choice is obvious.

Join us inside the TRIATHLON NUTRITION ACADEMY and start your journey to becoming confident and in control of your nutrition. No more winging it, under fuelling, under recovering and feeling wrecked all the time. Finally, have a nutrition plan that perfectly matches your training plan.

Simply click the button below and I'm waiting for you on the inside.


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Choose the payment that works for you and let's transform you into a SUPERCHARGED triathlete!

All options give you...

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Tick

Expert, Evidence-Based Nutrition Advice

Every week you get exclusive access to a masterclass with Advanced Sports Dietitian and Triathlon Nutrition expert. Taryn will go deep into a key element pivotal to your success and give you a step-by-step action plan to implement straight away.

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Weekly Live Q & A's where you can pick Taryn's brain

Join Taryn live each week for Power Hour. This is where you can get your burning questions answered to help you reach your goals faster. 

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Tick

Recipes, Meal Plans, Tips and Tricks

Nutrition can be complicated! But to make life easier, you get access to our entire database of Dietitian Approved recipes, a weekly dinner plan including a shopping list and lots of other ideas, inspiration and direction to help you fuel well, stress-free.

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Tick

Create your very own Meal Plan

Throughout the first 4 weeks of the program, we'll step you through building your very own day-to-day training nutrition meal plan. It's a framework you'll take with you forever.

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The tools to change your life, forever 

Each week we release the next step in your journey so you're not overwhelmed. Learn, implement and practice each element before moving on to the next so you can make long term change, for life. We don't believe in quick fixes.

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12 months access to our program & bonuses

Get 12 months of access to the program because we know life happens. Plus bonus modules, recipes, menu plans and more to help you achieve your goals.

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Ongoing Accountability and Support

After completing the 3 phases of the program, you'll have the ability to keep connected and stay up to date with our low-cost monthly membership the SUPERCHARGED Squad. 

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Lifetime access to our secret community

Connect with a powerful group of like-minded triathletes that are equally passionate about achieving their goals. You keep access even after you've finished the program

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One on one help if you need a little more

Throught the program you'll have the opportunity to purchase one on one consultations with Taryn at a discounted rate if you need more help (claimable with private health if you have Dietitian cover)

Triathlon Nutrition Academy 12 Month Program

Investment for Phase 1, 2 and 3




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Let's be honest. You've spent WAY more than this on bike gear...

Not ready to dive straight into the entire 3 Phase program? 

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Here's a taste of what you'll learn as part of the Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Phase 1


Here we nail your day to day nutrition to get the most out of training, performance and health. This is where you get the best bang for your buck

  1. Recovery nutrition and how to nail it with your perfect meal
  2. Exactly what to eat before training for different types of sessions e.g. strength/resistance training, easy aerobic sessions, hard intervals and long rides/runs
  3. The importance of protein spread - how much should you have and how often
  4. Periodisation - Because you shouldn't be eating the same thing each day as a triathlete! Plus how to adapt your nutrition plan for rest/light training days vs. heavy double session days vs long weekend sessions.
  5. Iron - How to ensure you're getting enough Iron to maximising exercise performance and prevent tiredness, lethargy and fatigue 
  6. Calcium - Why it's so important and how to ensure you're getting the right amount
  7. Ride Fuel - exactly what to do before, during and after rides
  8. Run Fuel - how to eat on your feet and not bonk, vomit or 💩 your pants

Plus BONUS Modules on:

  • Organisation
  • Mindful Eating
  • How to Read a Food Label
  • Healthy Takeaway and Eating Out

To help you really cement eating for health and performance, for life!

Phase 2 - Short Course Race Nutrition

This phase is where PBs are made! We start building your race nutrition knowledge and skills to dial in your perfect Sprint and Olympic Distance Race Nutrition Plans.

  1. Carbohydrate Loading - Develop your own specific plan and understand how to do it PROPERLY!
  2. Hydration, dehydration, sodium and sweat testing - we calculate exactly what your sweat rate is and learn how to stay well hydrated to prevent fatigue, cramps and poor performance
  3. Pre-Race Fuel up with a plan for exactly what to eat and when pre-race
  4. Develop a specific and custom Sprint Distance Race Nutrition plan
  5. Develop a specific and custom Olympic Distance Race Nutrition plan
  6. Race Recovery - the most important tie to recover well and prevent DOMS, getting sick and falling into a post-race hole
  7. Managing HOT races. Because training and racing in the heat is a different kettle of fish to a cooler environment
  8. Performance Boosters - We start to learn about our 1%ers and evidence-based performance enhancers

PLUS BONUS Modules on:

  • Sports Drinks 101
  • Sports Gels 101
  • Muscle Cramps - what are they, how to prevent them
  • Alcohol and it's effects on performance and recovery 
Triathlon Nutrition
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Phase 3

Phase 3 - Long Course Race Nutrition

The third and final phase is where you dial in your 70.3 and Ironman Race Nutrition. So you not only get to the finish line in one piece but enjoy the entire process.

We build on everything you've learnt in Phase 1 and 2 and layer in more advanced sports nutrition strategies. Because you've done the hard work in building a solid base with your nutrition, reap the rewards with the sprinkles on the icing on the cake.

Over 16 weeks we build into your 70.3 and Ironman race nutrition plan and everything that's required to get you to the start line in the best shape possible.

We wrap up with balance post-event so it all doesn't turn to 💩🙈.

Triathlon Nutrition

Because we give a FAQ

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