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Here at Dietitian Approved we're firm believers that healthy eating shouldn't be HARD or BORING!

That's why we created a few key things to help you eat well and perform at your best.

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Free Recipes

A selection of some of our favourite recipes in the database, free!

There's a little something for everyone, from Mums & Dads looking for healthy family meals to the budding athlete looking for tasty options to support their training. 

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Recipe Database

Overflowing with over 100 easy, healthy recipes developed by an Advanced Sports Dietitian.

For you, that means we guarantee every recipe ticks the right boxes for both health and performance. 

With updates every quarter, it's like a cookbook that never ends!

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Weekly Menu Planning

Figuring out what to eat and feed the family each week can be stressful, boring and time-intensive. Some people hate having to do this job!

So we've taken the stress and effort out of planning your meals and done it for you!⁠ Complete with recipes and shopping list to help give you back hours every week.

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Here's a taste of what's inside our free recipes...

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Recipe Database

Our ever-evolving database features over 100 Dietitian Approved recipes, right in the palm of your hand.

You can be confident what you're eating and feeding your family is healthy, nutritious and delicious.

With updates every quarter, it's like a never-ending cookbook!

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Developed by an Advanced Sports Dietitian

You can be guaranteed each recipe ticks all the right boxes to give you:

  • A solid hit of protein for muscle recovery and repair
  • Scalable carbohydrates so you can increase or decrease your fuel based on training demands
  • Healthy fats – we’re not afraid to use these!
  • Plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep you performing at your best!
  • Plus MAXIMUM taste
  • All triple-tested in the Dietitian Approved kitchen!
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Weekly Menu Planning

Now more than ever it's important to eat well and look after yourself. So I've taken the stress and effort out of planning your meals for the week and done it for you!⁠


From $9.99/week

+ Recipe Database Annual Membership

What you get:

  • A downloadable weekly menu plan for Dinners including your shopping list
  • Access to the Dietitian Approved Recipe Database with over 100 healthy recipes for the year
  • Extra hints and tips and product ideas to help you eat well and shop like a pro
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Summer Salads Recipe Collection

Stay cool this Summer with 21 of our favourite salad recipes and a variety of dressings.



Fuel Your Adventure

Are you sick of sucking back gels and sports drinks all the time?! 

Are you looking for more real food options to take on long rides, trail runs and hikes?

Introducing the Fuel Your Adventure book!!

A collection of Dietitian Approved energy bars and balls to fuel you from your very own kitchen.

$33 + $3 Shipping

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