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Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

If you are a triathlete who wants to get fitter, faster, stronger and healthier, consider this podcast your secret weapon in your ear.

Join Advanced Sports Dietitian, Taryn, as she breaks down the latest science to give you practical, easy-to-digest nutrition strategies for triathlon to help transform you into a SUPERCHARGED TRIATHLETE!


This podcast is your weekly dose of triathlon nutrition gold.

Dropping first thing Friday morning so you can tune in on your next long run or bike session.

With 20-40 minute episodes, Taryn takes a no-BS approach to cut through all the noise when it comes to triathlon nutrition.

Delivering bite-sized nuggets to your ears wherever you are in the world.

Triathlon Nutrition Podcast

Latest Podcast Episodes...

Meal planning and organisation for triathletes

Meal Planning and Organisation for the Time Poor Triathlete

Ultimate Grocery Guide For Triathletes

The Ultimate Grocery Guide for Triathletes

Does bicarb enhance triathlon performance?

New Supplement Alert! Is Bicarb Worth Investing In?

What our legendary listeners think...

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Can't wait for more

Fantastic Taryn! Love your realistic language and approach to such an important subject. Can't wait for more!

Alix Ryman, Mackay, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Great quick, quality advice

Really easy to listen to. 

Nice bite-sized pieces of quality info.

BrLoEd, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Very informative, highly recommended

Very good podcast. I was looking for something triathlon-specific like this for a while. The right amount of information packed into a optimal podcast duration. Some more data and stats or case studies would be the cherry on the cake. Looking forward to more episodes. Thanks!

Reini M, Austria

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Dive into all of our past episodes..

Do you need to take a multivitamin as a triathlete?

Do You Need to Take a Multivitamin?

How to Properly Taper for a Triathlon Race

How to Properly Taper for a Race with Pro Triathlete and Coach Elizabeth James

Become a more efficient swimmer in triathlon

How to Become a Faster, More Efficient Swimmer with Brenton Ford

Why dairy is good for triathletes

Are You Avoiding Dairy For The Wrong Reasons?

The Low Carb, High Fat Diet: Is it beneficial for triathlon endurance performance?

The Low Carb, High Fat Diet: Is it beneficial for endurance performance? With Professor Louise Burke

Triathlon Nutrition Trends For 2023

Sports Nutrition Trends For 2023

Become a supercharged triathlete

The Secret To Unlocking Your Supercharged Zone As A Triathlete

What can you achieve when you focus on your triathlon nutrition

What Can You Achieve When You Focus on Your Triathlon Nutrition for 12 months?

Triathlon Diets Not To DO This New Year

Triathlon Diets NOT To Do This New Year and What You Should Be Doing Instead

Why You're Not Losing Weight As A Triathlete

Why You're Not Losing Weight

Eating before a triathlon training session

Pre-Training Nutrition: Should You Eat Before Exercise?

How to avoid triathlon nutrition mistakes

5 Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make (and how to avoid them)

Triathlon Nutrition Academy and Dietitian Approved 2022

2022 - What a Year!

Tips to Manage the Festive Season As A Triathlete

Your Festive Season Survival Guide - Healthy Tips to Manage the Silly Season

Food Apps For Triathletes To Help Save Money

Food Apps We Love to Save you Money

Key Training Sessions To Maximise Triathlon Performance

3 Key Training Sessions Every Triathlete Needs To Maximise Performance with Coach John Mayfield

How to avoid afternoon slump as a triathlete

Are You Struggling With 3:30itis? - Why You’re Tired In The Afternoon and How To Avoid It

Race Nutrition Planning For A Triathlon Event

When Do You Start Planning Your Race Nutrition For A Triathlon Event?

Nutrition Strategies to Manage Return to Triathlon Training

5 Key Nutrition Strategies to Manage Your Return to Triathlon Training

Iromman Sunny Coast 70.3 Triathlon Race Nutrition Plan

Part 2: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunny Coast 70.3 With Michael Welsh

Triathlon Race Nutrition Plan for Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast

Part 1: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunny Coast 70.3 With Jason Currie

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) not necessary for triathlon training

What happened when I did a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Scan Before and After Training

Nuts are good for triathletes

New Research: Nuts Contain Up To 26% Less Calories Than We Thought They Did

Ultra355 Race Nutrition Plan

Ultra355 Australia Race Report with Triathlon Nutrition Academy Athlete Jody Walker

More podcast listener reviews...

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Thank you!

So good to finally have some direction with my nutrition for triathlon.

JFearn, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Real and Interesting

I love Taryn’s interesting content presented with real examples and clear messaging, and I always look forward to the new episode release. Thanks Taryn

sal_p_2408, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Great podcast for any triathlete!

I really enjoy listening to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy podcast. It’s straight to the point, full of useful nutrition advice, and Taryn interviews some great guests who impart a load of other training knowledge.

jtuggster, Australia

Why You Don't Need To Count Calories As A Triathlete

Why You Don't Need To Count Calories As A Triathlete

Biggest Triathlon Nutrition Mistake

The BIGGEST Nutrition Mistake Triathletes Are Making (and how to avoid it)

How Triathlon Nutrition changed my life

How Triathlon Changed My Life with Sue Swindon

Long Term Health & Triathlon Performance

Why Focusing On Long-Term Health Is So Important For Performance As A Triathlete

Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

3 Triathlon Nutrition Habits every Triathlete should be doing daily

3 Nutrition Habits Every Triathlete Should Be Doing Daily

Aim for 120g of carbs when doing triathlon

Why Aiming For 120g of Carbs Per Hour Is A Mistake

Triathlon Nutrition Academy podcast 1st birthday

Celebrating 1 year of the TNA podcast!

Triathlon Nutrition - The Best Protein Powder For Triathletes

What's The Best Protein Powder For Triathletes?

How to lose weight while doing triathlon

How To Lose Weight The Easy Way with TNA Athlete Renee Ingram

Keeping relationship alive while doing Ironman triathlon training

How To keep Your Relationship Alive Through Ironman Training Build with Isiah McKimmie

Eating enough for triathlon training

Signs You Might Not Be Eating Enough To Support Triathlon Training

What Is A Hydrogel? Does It Improve Endurance Performance with Andy King

What Is A Hydrogel? Does It Improve Endurance Performance with Andy King

Food ideas for on the bike triathlon

Real Food Ideas For on The Bike

How to organise and prepare food if you are doing triathlon

Tips For Food Prep and Organisation For The Time-Poor Athlete

Improve Immunity as a triathlete by proper triathlon nutrition in the winter

Eating For Immunity: Ideas To Help You Stay Well This Winter

Caffeine for triathlon endurance performance

Is caffeine beneficial for Endurance Performance?

Importance of doing strength training as a triathlete with Huw Darnell

Why Every Triathlete Should Be Doing Strength Training with Exercise Physiologist Huw Darnell

Mentally prepare for a triathlon race with Trang Nguyen

How To Mentally Prepare For A Race with Mindset Coach Trang Nguyen

Every triathlete needs Calcium in their triathlon nutrition

A Key Nutrient Endurance Athletes Need Every day: Calcium

Maximise triathlon performance in the heat with Avish Sharma

How To Maximise Your Triathlon Performance In The Heat with Physiologist Avish Sharma

3 Triathlon Nutrition rules every triathlete should follow

3 Nutrition Rules Every Triathlete Should Abide By

Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Doors To The Triathlon Nutrition Academy Are Open Until SUNDAY!

How Triathletes all over the world improve their triathlon nutrition

How Triathletes All Over The World Are Improving Their Nutrition

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Just Because You Eat Really Healthy, Doesn't Mean You're Fuelling Training

Just Because You Eat Really Healthy, Doesn't Mean You're Fuelling Training

How to avoid stress and overwhelm when doing a triathlon racetriathlon

How To Avoid The Stress And Overwhelm When It Comes To Triathlon Racing

Iron & Triathlon Endurance Performance

Iron & Endurance Performance with Rebecca Hall

If you're a triathlete, stop wasting money on BIA Scans

Stop Wasting Your Money On Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) scans

Why you're not losing weight as a triathlete

Why You're Not Losing Weight

Why triathletes should do Skin Folds testing for better triathlon performance

Skin Folds - What Are They? Why You Should Be Doing Them?

If you are a triathlete, you need to stop weighing

Why You Need To Stop Weighing Yourself with Gary Slater

Triathlon Nutrition - Why You Suck at Carb-Loading

Why You Suck At Carb-Loading

Triathlon Nutrition to help you through perimenopause & menopause

Nutrition To Help You Through Perimenopause & Menopause - Part 2 with Angie Clark

Triathlon Nutrition to help you through Perimenopause & Menopause

Nutrition To Help You Through Perimenopause & Menopause - Part 1 with Angie Clark

Triathlon Nutrition Academy behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes of The Triathlon Nutrition Academy with Nic Hipkin

Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Doors To The Triathlon Nutrition Academy Are Open Until Monday!

How to know if a sports dietitian is right for you

How to Know if a Sports Dietitian is Right for You?

How to become a successful triathlete

The Key Ingredients You Need To Become a Successful Triathlete

Triathlon Nutrition - Ditch Detox This Year

Why You Need To Ditch The Detox this Year

Triathlon Nutrition - Surviving the Festive Season

5 Tips For Surviving The Festive Season

Triathlon Nutrition Academy - 2021

The Shit Show That Was 2021

Women in Triathlon

The Rise of the Female Triathlete with Stef Hanson

From Beginner to Ironman Triathlon Finisher

Athlete Spotlight: From Beginner To 2x Ironman Finisher with Bec Baird

Triathlon Nutrition Tips for exercising in the heat

7 Nutrition Tips For Exercising In The Heat

Should a triathlete do Sweat Testing when doing triathlon?

What is Sweat Testing And Should You Do One?

Is salt or sodium important to take in triathlon nutrition

Do You Need Salt Tablets? With Alan McCubbin

Sports Gels for Triathlon Race Nutrition Plan

Everything You Need To Know About Sports Gels

Lose weight and maintain energy for Ironman Triathlon Training

How To Lose Weight & Maintain Energy For Ironman Training

Love for the podcast....

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Best no BS approach!

Absolutely love listening to Taryn’s no BS approach to fuelling our bodies for day to day living and adding the crazy sport of triathlon. So many great tips to get us to the magic feeling of the red carpet feeling our absolute best 💕

Cheery 😁, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

The best triathlon nutrition advice around, for free!!!

The more I learn from Taryn the more I wonder how the hell I’ve finished the races I have, but I also realise how much I can gain in racing from improving my nutrition far more effectively and efficiently than more hours in the pool, wind trainer or treadmill. Forget grazing from the non-peer reviewed and non-evidence based advice floating around just get it all from Taryn and her free podcast or paid Triathlon Nutrition Academy. Unless you’re in my M40-44 category, then scroll on and ask your Facebook mates.

Jaso the Athlete, Australia

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

Love this podcast!

Love this podcast! Easy and accurate information to inform triathletes about the 4th leg of triathlon! Taryn is passionate, educated and shares information in an way that is easy to understand and implement into our busy triathlete lives!! ❤️

04macca04, Australia

Eating on Your Feet - Fuelling Long Runs

Eating on Your Feet - Fuelling Long Runs

Can a triathlete have a beer after a hard triathlon training session?

Alcohol and Exercise Performance: With Dr Ben Desbrow

Triathlon Nutrition - Tips for fuelling on the bike as a triathlete

5 Tips for Fuelling on the Bike

Triathlon Nutrition for Female Athletes

Female Athlete Nutrition: With Angelique Clark

Insights about the TOKYO Triathlon

TOKYO Triathlon Recap: With Coach Dan Atkins

Triathlon Nutrition - Tips to manage a triathlete's gut

7 Tips to Manage Runners Gut

The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Pack List

The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Pack List

Triathlon Nutrition - Stop ditching recovery nutrition

Stop Ditching Your Recovery Nutrition

As a triathlete, should you eat before a triathlon training session?

Pre-Training Nutrition: Should You Eat Before Exercise?

Triathlon Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make

5 Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make (and how to avoid them)

Nutritionist versus a Sports Dietitian for Triathlon

What's the Difference Between a Nutritionist, Dietitian and Sports Dietitian?

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

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