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Triathlon Nutrition Podcast

Latest Episodes...

Nuts are good for triathletes

New research: Nuts contain up to 26% less calories than we thought they did

Ultra355 Race Nutrition Plan

Ultra355 Australia Race Report with Triathlon Nutrition Academy Athlete Jody Walker

Don't count calories as a triathlete

Why You Don't need No Count Calories As A Triathlete

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Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Review

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Biggest Triathlon Nutrition Mistake

The BIGGEST Nutrition Mistake Triathletes Are Making (and how to avoid it)

How Triathlon Nutrition changed my life

How Triathlon Changed My Life with Sue Swindon

Long Term Health & Triathlon Performance

Why Focusing On Long-Term Health Is So Important For Performance As A Triathlete

Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

Episode 54 - 3 nutrition habits every triathlete should be doing daily

3 BIG ticket items that will make a huge difference to your training and racing as a triathlete. 

I’m not going to lie, there are so many things you should be doing to get the most out of your body when you train for 3 sports. It’s not as simple as train, eat, sleep, repeat. But, I’ve whittled the long list down to just 3 things you should be doing every.single.dayThese are our triathlon nutrition foundations where you get the best bang for your buck.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/54

Episode 53 - Why aiming for 120g of carbs per hour is a mistake

Recently a paper was published wherein elite mountain marathon runners pushed the limits and hit more aggressive targets of 120g of carbohydrate per hour, while running hard! I’ve seen many age-group athletes boast about how they’ve hit this target or are trying to achieve this in their own training. But because I want you to have all the facts, I’ve dedicated this episode to explaining why this might not be the best idea for YOU!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/53

Episode 52- Celebrating 1 year of the TNA podcast!!

Holy crap we are 1! One year ago we launched the Triathlon Nutrition Academy podcast out into the world! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

52 episodes have reached triathletes all around the world from my tiny cupboard in Brisbane, Australia.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/52

Episode 51- What's the best protein powder for triathletes?

It is incredibly easy to get enough protein from your diet without the need to supplement. But there are some situations where a protein powder MAY be useful for certain athletes. But not all protein powders are created equal. Which are the best for endurance athletes? 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/51

Episode 50- How to lose weight the easy way with TNA athlete Renee Ingram

While not being a focus of the Triathlon Nutrition Academy program, body fat loss can be a surprising bonus. Renee is a great example of how eating more strategically, instead of eating less and cutting carbohydrates, can lead to body fat loss, without really trying.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/50

Episode 49- How to keep your relationship alive through Ironman training build with Isiah McKimmie

Triathlon is a crazy sport. You’re up early, home late and when you juggle work, family, and household jobs, it can be easy to let your relationship slide. 

Particularly through the build of a key race like 70.3 or Ironman where training hours are high.⁠

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/49

Episode 48 - Signs you might not be eating enough to support triathlon training

How do you know if you’re eating enough to support training for three sports? The body is smart. It will give you some warning signs if you’re not fuelling properly. Some warning signs will be a light touch like a feather, others will be harder like a brick being thrown at you or, louder still, like being hit by a truck 🚚!!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/48

Episode 47 - What is a Hydrogel? Does it improve endurance performance? with Andy King

Hydrogel technology is making a wave in the sports nutrition scene with Maurten developing this patented technology. But what is a hydrogel? And is it beneficial to endurance performance? Joining me on the podcast is exercise physiologist at the Australian Catholic University, Andy King. Andy co-authored the review paper on all of the research to date on hydrogels and their effect on endurance exercise performance.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/47

Episode 46 - Real food ideas for on the bike

Are you sick of sucking back gels and sports drink all the time? Are you looking for more real food options to use during exercise? Over the years, I’ve definitely seen a movement away from commercial sports nutrition products to more real foods on the bike. But what types of foods are going to help your performance?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/46

Episode 45 - Tips for food prep and organisation for the time poor athlete

Eating for optimal health and performance doesn’t happen by accident.

Let me teach you some of the strategies I use to help my athletes eat better, even when they’re time poor or in a rush. I also offer you a FREE copy of my Weekly Menu Planner.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/45

Episode 44 - Eating for Immunity

Now that the colder months are upon us, it’s time to be proactive with our nutrition for the best immune system defence. For active people, immune function plays a role not only in fighting off infections but also in promoting tissue repair to recover from exercise and injury. To function properly, the immune system requires lots of nutrients – both macro and micronutrients.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/44

Episode 43 - Is caffeine beneficial for Endurance Performance?

Caffeine is a well-established performance booster. Is it beneficial for endurance performance? Heck yes! But more does not equal better when it comes to caffeine supplementation. It’s about finding the lowest dose to give the greatest effect, without the negative effects.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/43

Episode 42 - Why every triathlete should be doing strength training with Exercise Physiologist Huw Darnell

Huw specialises in strength and rehabilitation for triathletes. Huw is all about building bulletproof bodies that are injury resilient with greater capacity. Exactly what you need - to be strong and injury-free heading into race season! He debunks some of the myths around strength training and offers his advice on how to use strength training to build resilience against injury and improve performance on race day.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/42

Episode 41 - How to mentally prepare for a race with mindset coach Trang Nguyen

You've done the training, you’ve dialled in your nutrition, but what about your mind?  When it comes to racing, there is a lot you can do to prepare your body physically to perform at the best of your ability on the day. But if you haven’t got your mind switched on, then your race may not result in what you’re truly capable of.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/41

Episode 40 - A Key Nutrient Endurance Athletes Need Every Day: Calcium

As an endurance athlete, calcium is a key nutrient you need to be on top of. Every. Single. Day.   Calcium is not only important for building strong bones and teeth, it’s also important for every single muscle contraction. If we’re not getting enough calcium from our diet, we borrow it from our bones. If this delicate balance is tipped in the wrong direction too often, we run the risk of having weak or porous bones. Not ideal!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/40

Episode 39 - How to maximise your triathlon performance in the heat with Physiologist Avish Sharma

Have you got a hot race coming up? Here’s some practical heat adaptation advice that actually works. Joining me on this episode is Physiologist, Avish Sharma. He was the lead Physiologist for Triathlon Australia in the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which was always set to be a hot environment.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/39

Episode 38 - 3 Nutrition Rules Every Triathlete Should Abide By

Triathlon can be a very expensive and tech-heavy sport. But when it comes to nutrition, people don’t value investing in their nutrition because it isn’t tangible. You don’t get a shiny new object for your money. But I would argue your body is the thing you need to spend the most on. You have it for life!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/38

Episode 37 - Doors to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy are open until SUNDAY!

If you know you need to get your nutrition sorted and are ready to have me as your Sports Dietitian in your corner, to inspire, teach, challenge, educate and push you to train harder, recover faster and perform at YOUR BEST. 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/37

Episode 36 - How Triathletes All Over The World Are Improving Their Nutrition

You’ve invested in a training program, a coach, maybe you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a new bike…why haven’t you got a plan for your nutrition yet?

Want to know the secret sauce that these three triathletes are using to perform at their best? Tune in to this episode to find out 😉

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/36

Episode 35 - Just because you eat healthy, doesn't mean you're fuelling training

It’s not often someone walks through my doors that generally eats really well. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources and minimal junk. But just because you eat healthily, doesn’t mean you’re fuelling your body with the right things to support triathlon training.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/35

Episode 34 - How to avoid the stress & overwhelm when it comes to triathlon racing

Are you someone that suffers from pre-race nerves? Do you worry you’ve forgotten to do something important heading into race day? There is A LOT to do, think about and organise when it comes to triathlon racing. Preparing for one sport is hard enough, but you’ve got to prepare yourself for 3!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/34

Episode 33 - Iron & Endurance Performance with Rebecca Hall

Do you feel tired, lethargic or fatigued and are not sure why? Maybe you need to get your iron levels checked.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/33

Episode 32 - Stop wasting your money on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) scans

⛔️ Don’t book in for a body composition scan until you listen to this! 

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (or BIA) scans are popping up in just about every gym and I’ve even seen some health professional clinics offering them as a service.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/32

Episode 31 - Why You're Not Losing Weight

Are you frustrated you can’t seem to reach your body composition goals? You train more than most people but still have a little excess body fat to lose. Are you constantly trying to eat a little less to burn more fat and end up starving all the time? Or absolutely wrecked after training?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/31

Episode 30 - Skin Folds: What are they? Why you should be doing them

If you’re serious about tracking your body composition change, you need to consider getting regular skin folds done with an accredited anthropometrist.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/30

Episode 29 - Why You Need to Stop Weighing Yourself with Gary Slater

Listen in to my conversation with body composition manipulation expert Gary Slater. Gary is a fellow Advanced Sports Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and loves using himself as an n=1 experiment for maximum muscle hypertrophy gains. 

Gary explains why you need to stop relying on the scales and what to do instead if you want to really track changes in your body composition.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/29

Episode 28 - Why you Suck at Carb-Loading

Most triathletes think they’re carbohydrate loading by eating a bowl of pasta the night before their race.

I hate to break it to you, but this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what you need to super compensate your muscle glycogen stores to effectively carbohydrate load.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/28

Episode 27 - Nutrition to help you through Menopause - Part 2 with Angie Clark

Welcome back to part 2 of the discussion with our resident female athlete nutrition expert Angelique Clark. In part two, we deep dive into menopause. What is menopause and how is it different to perimenopause?⁠ What should we be doing nutritionally at this time of our lives?⁠ Is the Meno pot a real thing? What can we do to minimise increased belly fat?⁠

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/27

Episode 26 - Nutrition to help you through Perimenopause - Part 1 with Angie Clark

Do you experience hot flushes, night sweats, a rollercoaster of moods and changing periods? Join resident female athlete nutrition expert Angelique Clark as we dive into the roller coaster shit show that is Perimenopause.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/26

Episode 25 - Triathlon Nutrition Academy with Nic Hipkin

I’m giving you a peek behind the scenes and showing you a little insight into what the journey to become a SUPERCHARGED Triathlete looks like

You’re going to hear first-hand from Nic who has been showing up and doing the program since day 1.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/25

Episode 24 - Doors to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy are open until Monday!

WOOHOO!! Doors to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy program are now open. If you are ready to start your journey to become a SUPERCHARGED TRIATHLETE, full of energy, smashing sessions and unlocking your true potential, this is your opportunity.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/24

Episode 23 - How to Know if a Sports Dietitian is Right For You?

It’s a new year and you might be feeling like it’s your time to improve your health, fit back into those jeans or step up into a bigger race.

But how do you find the right person to work with? And what’s the best way to get what you need out of the relationship? In this episode, I’m giving you my top tips for what to look for when searching for a Dietitian to get in your corner.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/23

Episode 22 - The Key Ingredients You Need to Become a Successful Triathlete

Success is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t matter if you want to win every race, or just make it to the finish line without getting divorced. 

Regardless, over the last 13+ years working with triathletes from age-group beginners all the way up to our Australia elite Triathlon team, I’ve noticed a few key ingredients successful triathletes possess...

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/22

Episode 21 - Why You Need to Ditch the Detox this Year

Welcome to 2022! To set the scene for the year, I want to give you some tips to help you actually achieve your health and fitness goals. And stay on track in 2022. Instead of smashing it really hard at the start, going too hard, too fast and losing puff by February.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/21

Episode 20 - 5 Tips for Surviving the Festive Season

The silly season is here and I wanted to give you a few strategies to help you manage it. Because what I find is most people just completely let go at this time of year. Overindulging on delicious food and alcohol and our health and fitness goals seem to just go completely out the window. Only to feel unhealthy and disgusting come January and start looking for the quick fix or detox diet to get back into shape, fast!

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/20

Episode 19 - The Shit Show that was 2021

There’s been highs and lows and this episode takes you behind the scenes of Dietitian Approved and the Triathlon Nutrition Academy to reflect on the year that was 2021. The big lessons I’ve learnt in business but also personally. It also gives you some insight into what we've got planned for 2022 and beyond (after a break to reset!)

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/19

Episode 18 - The Rise of the Female Triathlete with Stef Hanson

If you look back 10-20 years, the landscape for women in triathlon looked very different. But thanks to the tireless work of Stef Hanson, the former chief of WITSUP  (Women in Triathlon...Sup?!) females are now on the map. Listen in as she gives hilarious insight into the media world of triathlon and her passion as an advocate for women in the sport. 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/18

Episode 17 - Athlete Spotlight: From beginner to 2 x Ironman finisher with Bec Baird

Bec is my longest-standing client, ever! We’ve been working together since 2015. In this episode, you hear from another athlete, just like you, about her experience and what’s evolved over time with her nutrition as her triathlon journey has evolved too.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/17

Episode 16 - 7 Nutrition Tips for Exercising in the Heat

It is getting HOT down under! Training and racing in summer can be challenging. But there are some nutrition strategies that can help you manage the heat. 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/16

Episode 15 - What is Sweat Testing and should you do one?

With so many bogus sweat testing places around, this episode is dedicated to explaining what sweat testing is and who it would be useful for.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/15

Episode 14 - Do You Need Salt Tablets? With Alan McCubbin

When it comes to talking about sodium, there is no better brains trust than Alan McCubbin. He is an Advanced Sports Dietitian who has spent hours slaving away in the lab studying sodium and hydration for endurance sport. In this episode I pick his brain to answer the question on lots of triathletes lips... Do I need to take salt tablets?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/14

Episode 13 - Everything you Need to Know About Sports Gels

Not all gels are created equal! Some are definitely better than others but it also comes down to your personal preference on flavour, texture, cost and how gels fit into your overall race nutrition plan.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/13

Episode 12 - How to Lose Weight & Maintain Energy for Ironman Training

A lot of Ironman athletes want to lean up heading into their event to improve their power to weight ratio. But it can be a difficult balance between dropping body fat and still having enough energy to perform at training.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/12

Episode 11 - Eating on Your Feet - Fuelling Long Runs

This episode is all about fuel rules for running. Fuelling on the move can be tricky so listen in as I give you practical strategies to help you eat on your feet.

I would love for you to feel confident in your ability to fuel, without being worried about toilet stops, how you’re going to carry everything, or running out of energy in the back end of long runs or races.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/11

Episode 10 - Alcohol and Exercise Performance: With Dr Ben Desbrow

Dr Ben Desbrow is a Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Associate Professor at Griffith Uni on the Gold Coast. In this episode I pick his brains on his research into alcohol and exercise, particularly his passion for beer.

He helped answer the question on most athletes' minds, can you have a beer after a hard training session or race?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/10

Episode 9 - 5 Tips for Fuelling on the Bike

This episode is all about fuelling on the bike, or what I like to call ‘the rolling buffet’. Listen in if you’re a triathlete or cyclist that doesn’t fuel particularly well on the bike at the moment or you think it’s an area that you could improve on.

I give you my Top 5 Tips for Fuelling on the Bike so you don’t run the risk of bonking or hitting the wall, stress about getting dropped in hard bunchies or struggle to get off the couch after big sessions.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/9

Episode 8 - Female Athlete Nutrition: With Angelique Clark

I am so excited to welcome fellow Advanced Sports Dietitian, Angelique Clark to the podcast!

Angie is a female athlete nutrition expert and delivered so many gold nuggets in this episode. Historically a lot of sports nutrition research has been in the male population, so it’s exciting to see the explosion of female athlete papers published in the last 12 months. As an emerging area of research, Angie has her finger on the pulse to translate the deep science into practical nutrition advice.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/8

Episode 7 - TOKYO Triathlon Recap: With Coach Dan Atkins

As the Gold Coast Performance Centre coach of Matthew Hauser, Jaz Hedgeland, reserve Brandon Copeland, Lauren Parker, Katie Kelly and her guide Briarna Silk, Dan Atkins provides some fantastic insight from the ground into what Tokyo Triathlon and Paratriathlon was like. 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/7

Episode 6 - 7 Tips to Manage Runners Gut

Are you the type of runner that knows exactly where every public toilet is along your route?

Don’t worry - you are not alone! 30-50% of athletes regularly suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) problems while exercising.

So why exactly does it happen? And what can you do to prevent runners gut?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/6

Episode 5 - The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Pack List

Have you ever got to a race and realised you’d forgotten something?! You invest so much time and energy training... to not be able to perform at your best because you forgot something on the day is the worst!

Download your own copy at www.dietitianapproved.com/racepacklist

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/5

Episode 4 - Stop Ditching your Recovery Nutrition

Recovery nutrition is one of the most important nutrition foundations for every triathlete.

If you haven’t got a personalised recovery nutrition plan, you need one! Stop under recovering and start ticking all the right boxes to get the most out of your training

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/4

Episode 3 - Pre-Training Nutrition: Should You Eat Before Exercise?

In this episode, I want to talk you through one of the biggest issues I see faced by triathletes...fuelling for training. And why it’s so important to have a specific strategy for different types of training sessions. 

Should you eat before exercise? And if you do, what should you eat?

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/3

Episode 2 - 5 Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make (and how to avoid them)

Today's episode is all about the mistakes I commonly see clients make with their nutrition. Over the last 13+ years of practice, I’ve seen it all! But there is definitely common themes in what triathletes tend to do before they’ve had evidence-based sports nutrition advice (from someone that knows the ins and outs of the sport). 

Listen in as I walk you through each of these mistakes and how to avoid them! 

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/2

Episode 1 - What's the Difference Between a Nutritionist, Dietitian and Sports Dietitian?

A question I get asked to answer all the time! Australia currently does not regulate the professional titles ‘nutritionist’ or ‘dietitian’, leaving a wide market for misinformation if you don't do your own research.

In this episode I break each profession down, what their qualifications are and what each is ‘legally’ allowed to do. I also show you some quick and easy ways to check you're getting your nutrition advice from someone that's qualified to be providing it.

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/1

Episode 0 - Welcome to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast!

As the very first episode, I wanted to first of all say WELCOME to you. I am so excited you’re here! In this episode I wanted to give you a little bit of background about who I am, where I’ve come from and my experiences as an Advanced Sports Dietitian. 

Endurance Sports Nutrition is my speciality and Triathlon Nutrition is my jam! So listen in...

Show notes: www.dietitianapproved.com/0

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