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Bec is one of our longest-standing clients. 

Over the years we've helped Bec fuel properly for Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon, stepping up to 70.3 and then finally completing not one, but two Ironmans.

Like a lot of female athletes I see, she was significantly under fuelling on heavy training days and playing 'catchup' on lighter training days. Meaning she was always tired, starving and struggling to get off the couch on the weekend. She also had no idea how to fuel properly for long training sessions and her body composition wasn't where she wanted it to be.

With lots of education, race nutrition practice, meal planning and organisation, she now is a star student and advocate for proper nutrition advice.

Currently she's participating in a different kind of endurance event, motherhood while training for a half-marathon. Go Bec! 

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Andrew is one of our Ironman athletes who struggles with gut upset on the run.

We have worked closely to investigate his gut function, sweat rate and fuelling needs to get to the bottom of it. We've even brought in the big guns at Monash University to assist with a thorough gut assessment. 

Like a lot of athletes, Andrew wasn't hydrating enough for his high sweat rate or taking in enough fuel or the right type of fuel for his individual needs. 

He has spent many long training sessions testing and perfecting his race nutrition with constant feedback and support.

Andrew is gearing up to tackle another Ironman this year. Good luck Andrew!



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Therese did our 20 week Endurance Package with the primary goal to compete at Ironman Cairns in 2018.

She'd never raced at that distance before so we worked through her day-to-day nutrition to help her survive the training build with a hectic work schedule, lots of practice race nutrition in the lead up during long rides, long runs and 'hell weeks', hydration testing and carb loading.

The hard work all culminated in her perfect custom Ironman Race Nutrition Plan and a great day in the office on the day!