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Bike Fuel Masterclass

Bike Fuel Masterclass

Learn all about nutrition for the bike leg of a triathlon and how to set yourself up for success for training and racing.

I'll show you how to build a fuelling strategy for any type of training ride and lay the FOUNDATION of your race nutrition.    

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Triathlon Online Course

Triathlon Nutrition Kickstart

You've got your training under control - now it's time to layer in your nutrition! Woohoo!

This course covers everything you need to put the right foundations in place without getting overwhelmed by Dr Google. It's your warmup on the path to becoming a SUPERCHARGED triathlete ⚡️

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Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Triathlon Nutrition Academy

The BEST online triathlon nutrition education program IN THE WORLD!

We take you from a TIRED TRIATHLETE, winging it with your a SUPERCHARGED  TRIATHLETE, full of energy, smashing sessions and levelling up your performance!

Ready to start smashing PB's in the fourth leg of triathlon?


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Online Courses

Our courses are a great, cost-effective way to get started on your nutrition journey anywhere, anytime!

If you've never seen a Dietitian before or want to get started right now, one of our courses are the perfect place to level up your nutrition.

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Looking to work with me 1 on 1?

Sometimes you just need that little bit of extra accountability and support.

Taryn works 1 on 1 with Triathlon Nutrition Academy athletes only.

To get access, all you have to do is join us during our upcoming Triathlon Nutrition Academy open week.

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Triathlon Nutrition Checklist

Check how well you're nailing your nutrition to support training and racing with our 50 step checklist to Triathlon Nutrition Mastery.

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