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Are you looking to kick start your year on a healthy foot?

You're ready to eat well and move your body after a debaucherous few weeks

But you're not sure where or how to start?

Hands up if any of this sounds familiar...

  • You've done diets and maybe even a detox and it works for a short time, then it all gets too hard and you give up. Only to find yourself back where you started
  • You've tried cutting carbs or going keto and it sucks! You get grumpy, it's too restrictive and doesn't fit in with your family and lifestyle
  • You're looking for something different. Something that's maintainable long term
  • You're looking for something that will help you get results!
  • And achieve your health and performance goals this year....
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The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge!

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is a 30 day holistic and personal Challenge designed by a Dietitian to make a positive impact on your health. For life!

It's not a diet or detox.

You are what you repeatedly do and we know it can take up to a month to entrench new behaviour.

So we designed 6 core healthy habits that make up a healthy lifestyle for you to tick off each day. 

Earn points for hitting each habit and deduct points for making an unhealthy choice.

Track your personal progress, get support and accountability from fellow Challengers and strive to make a positive impact on your life for 30 days and beyond.

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Introducing the 6 Daily Habits...‚Äč

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This daily habit involves 10 minutes of stretching, anywhere you like

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This daily habit involves drinking
2L of water

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My fave :) This daily habit involves ensuring you get your 2 fruit and 5 veggie serves in each day

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This daily habit involves a good deed. An act of kindness to pay-it forward and spread joy in the world

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A tough one for some, this daily habit involves getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night

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This daily habit involves being active and moving for at least 30 minutes every day. In one solid block or broken up into chunks

Unhealthy Choices

As this is a "Healthy" Lifestyle Challenge, you will lose points for making unhealthy choices. Don't worry, you'll thank us for it later. Besides, it wouldn't be called a "Challenge" if it wasn't challenging, right?

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Why did we create the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge?

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Over the years we got so sick of seeing clients suffer after a life time of yo-yo dieting, detoxes, quick-fixes and restrictive plans that are all designed to fail.

So we made it our mission to help as many people as possible implement the basic foundations of healthy living, for life! Not just for 30 days...

We'll help you along the way with lots of recipes, resources and articles to help you tick off each of the habits every day.

The key to your success lies in consistency, accountability and support. Connect with other Challengers in the exclusive Facebook support group and bolt on additional 1:1 Dietitian Support to maximise your results.

About Us

Hi! I'm Taryn

I'm not your regular straighty-180 dietitian and like to push the boundaries. I absolutely love working with people to help them eat for health and performance.

Think of me as your personal food coach!

I have little patience for unqualified advice-givers or woohoo science and get frustrated watching people jump from one fad to the next, or fumble around following (well-meaning but the misaligned) advice from their training buddies/coach/uncle/Dr Google.

The Challenge is my way to help you get off the quick fix bandwagon and implement real, long-term sustainable change.

It's the last 'diet' you'll ever need

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What's the investment?

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge


That's just $1.46 a day!

What you get:

  • 32 day access to the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge and all of our resources
  • Daily video with tips and tricks to help you implement the 6 habits
  • Daily Habit tracker to keep track of your score over the challenge
  • 14 FREE #DietitianApproved recipes to help you eat well
  • Access to our private Challengers Community Facebook group for support and accountability
  • Evidence-based, no-BS advice from one of Australia's best Sports Dietitians

What past Challengers are saying about the Challenge....

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Megan Piccardi

I am feeling so much more healthier, happier and more energetic.

And bonus, some of my clothes are starting to feel a lot better to wear!

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Shane Burke

Last day of the Challenge and the first day of my new lifestyle

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Natalie Rayment

Thank you!

I feel so good and inspired to keep my new habits up!

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