Sweat Testing

Are you an endurance athlete?

Do you fade in the back end of races?

Do you suffer from cramping?

This session is for you!

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Dehydration affects PERFORMANCE

As little as 2% of body weight can have debilitating effects

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If you're looking to compete in a longer-distance event where optimal hydration is key to performance, understanding exactly HOW MUCH you sweat and WHAT your sweat is made up of is key!

How it works

 You'll need to run or ride at race pace (or close to) for at least 30-45 minutes

We'll weigh you in pre and post and apply sweat patches for collection of a sample to determine your sweat electrolyte concentration. These then analysed on the day to give instant results. 

As we do this in person, sweat testing is only available in Brisbane.

What do you get? 

  • A 1-hour session with an Advanced Sports Dietitian. This is not a completely inaccurate DIY at home type kit. You get a real-life sports dietitian to run the test for you, ensuring the most accurate, best practice results.
  • A detailed report outlining your results and explained in simple language you can understand (please allow 2 weeks for detailed reporting)
  • Specific feedback on your sweat rate, fluid intake rate and sweat electrolyte concentration during the session
  • Personalised recommendations to help guide a specific hydration strategy for your event
  • Use this information to practice, fine-tune and nail your training and racing hydration plan!

The Investment...

Individual Sweat Test


What you get

  • Detailed 5 page report that outlines your results in language you can understand
  • A personalised hydration strategy for your selected event
  • Testing, analysis and interpretation by an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 12 years of experience
  • Claimable with private health insurance if you have Dietitian cover
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Spaces are limited as there’s only so many sweaty patches (and body’s) we can manage each session.