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Have you just discovered this crazy world of triathlon?

Or about to embark on your first ever sprint race? Or stepping up to Olympic Distance?

Are you ready to learn the basics of triathlon nutrition to get the most out of your training and race at your best?!


I created this video series to cut through all the rubbish that’s out there online and give you evidence-based nutrition advice from a Triathlon Nutrition expert.

It’s perfect for anyone new to triathlon or even a seasoned athlete that’s never had any sports nutrition advice before.

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How it works

This is an online course with video lessons, downloadable worksheets and resources to help you smash the 4th leg of Triathlon - Nutrition!

All 10 lessons drop in straight away so you can watch and learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home!

Get instant access into our private, member-only online platform which you can access from your computer, phone or tablet.

Leave comments and ask questions throughout the course as we're here to support you.


In the course you will learn:

The Sports Nutrition Foundations that every Triathlete needs to know…

  • Nutrition Basics
  • Our Macro & Micronutrients
  • Pre-Training Nutrition
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Fuelling Long Rides
  • Hydration and Cramping
  • Two important nutrients for triathletes – Calcium and Iron
  • Sprint Race Nutrition
  • Olympic Distance Race Nutrition
  • Carbohydrate Loading

You can choose to binge-watch them all at once, or work your way through one video a week, put your newfound knowledge into practice before moving on to the next topic.

I’ll give you lots of practical advice with worksheets to develop specific strategies for YOU.


Developed by an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 12 years experience.

Learn more about Taryn HERE

About Taryn

Taryn is not your regular Dietitian. She is an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 12 years experience working with athletes from all walks of life. For you, this means you’re getting the most up-to-date, evidence-based advice from someone that knows their stuff. 

Triathlon is her jam!

For the past 6 years, she's been a consultant to Triathlon Australia, looking after our elite Australian Triathlon and ParaTriathlon team. Talk about dream job!

So when it comes to Triathlon Nutrition, there is no-one better qualified to help you kick your training and racing goals!

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Triathlon Nutrition Course

$299 ON SALE

(Normally $499)

  • Nutrition Basics to ensure you've nailed some of the foundations of day-to-day nutrition to best support training 
  • Pre-Training Nutrition so you know how much to eat, when and if you should even eat at all before certain sessions
  • Recovery Nutrition 101 to nail your recovery and easily back up to go again
  • Fuelling long rides so you don't ever bonk or hit the wall
  • Hydration - how to estimate your own sweat rate & prevent cramping
  • Two vital nutrients for Triathletes - Calcium and Iron. Where do they come from and how much do you need to ensure you're hitting your targets every day to prevent fatigue and stress injuries
  • The basics of Sprint Race Nutrition so you can develop your own race nutrition plan
  • The basics of Olympic Distance Race Nutrition so you can develop your own race nutrition plan
  • Carbohydrate Loading - exactly what is it, is it worth doing and how to do it properly?
  • PLUS lots of practical advice, worksheets and downloads so you can develop specific strategies for YOU

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Get the competitive edge by nailing the 4th leg of triathlon