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Bike Fuel Masterclass

Bike Fuel Masterclass

Learn all aboutĀ nutrition for the bike leg of a triathlon and how to set yourself up for success for training and racing.

I'll show you how to build a fuelling strategy for any type of training ride and lay the FOUNDATION of your race nutrition.Ā Ā 

9:30am AEST Wed 25th October
Triathlon Online Course

Triathlon Nutrition Kickstart

You've got your training under control - now it's time to layer in your nutrition! Woohoo!

This course covers everything you need to put the right foundations in place without getting overwhelmed by Dr Google. It's your warmup on the path to becoming a SUPERCHARGED triathlete āš”ļø

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Triathlon Nutrition Academy

Triathlon Nutrition Academy

The BEST online triathlon nutrition education program IN THE WORLD!

We take you from aĀ TIRED TRIATHLETE, winging it with your nutrition...to aĀ SUPERCHARGEDĀ  TRIATHLETE, full of energy, smashing sessions andĀ levelling up your performance!

Ready to startĀ smashing PB's in the fourth leg of triathlon?

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Listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

If you are a triathlete who wants to get fitter, faster, stronger and healthier, consider this podcast as your secret weapon in your ear.

Join Advanced Sports Dietitian, Taryn Richardson as she breaks down the latest science to give you practical, easy to digest strategies to help transform you into a SUPERCHARGED TRIATHLETE!

Dive into our latest episodes! šŸŽ§

Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

EpisodeĀ 113

Female Athlete Series: Part 2: Coaching Female Athletes with Liz Blatchford

Listen here
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

EpisodeĀ 112

Data Driven Triathlon Training or Train By Feel? With Gerard Donnelly

Listen here
Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast

EpisodeĀ 111

Five No Cost Tips to Help You Ride Faster and Feel More Comfortable on Your bike with Bike Fit Specialist Michael Baker

Listen here

Hi! I'm Taryn

Triathlon Dietitian

I'm not your regular straighty-180 dietitian and like to push the boundaries.  

I absolutely love my job and haven't 'worked' a day in the last 13 years. Endurance Sports Nutrition is my area of expertise and Triathlon Nutrition is my jam.

I'm a straight talker, have little patience for unqualified advice-givers or woohoo science and love good banter.

I'm also an Advanced Sports Dietitian with over 13 years of experience. For the last 6 years, I've been consulting to Triathlon Australia to help our elite athletes eat to perform at their best.

Consider me as your secret weapon to maximising your HEALTH and PERFORMING at your best!


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Free Dietitian Approved Recipes

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Why Invest in a Dietitian?

Nutrition can be complicated! But that doesn’t mean you need to struggle trying to figure it out yourself.

We take a no-BS approach to teaching you what to eat and when to get the most out of your HEALTH and PERFORMANCE.

You can’t out train a bad diet. We can teach you how to eat for your level of sport or exercise, so you can focus on training and racing at your best!

What's the difference between a Nutritionist, Dietitian and Sports Dietitian?

Click HERE to find out!
Dietitian vs Nutritionist vs Sports Dietitian

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