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You've got your training under control - now it's time to layer in your nutrition! Woohoo!

This course covers everything you need to put the right foundations in place without getting overwhelmed by Dr Google. It's your warmup on the path to becoming a SUPERCHARGED triathlete ⚡️



What's the difference between a triathlete that fuels and recovers properly,
One that's completely winging it and hoping for the best?

A plan.

And the right knowledge and skills to manage their nutrition on a day to day basis. 


  • You've fallen madly in love with the crazy sport of triathlon

  • You've got the hang of training but have no idea what you should be eating to support it

  • You're starving all. the. time

  • You want to shift some body fat but whatever you're doing is not working

  • You're tired and hit a wall in the afternoons and feel like you could nap

  • You're overwhelmed by the huge range of information out there and not sure where to start

  • You're using sports nutrition products your coach/training buddies/advertising recommended but have no idea if it's the right thing for you

  • You're ready to get some qualified advice and start to understand how to fuel and recover properly for triathlon!

Yes! This is me!




Triathlon Nutrition Course

Have a perfectly formulated recovery nutrition plan to help you back up quickly and smash your next training sessions.

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Have confidence you're putting the premium fuel in your high performance engine, not the cheap economy crap that doesn't make you feel that great.

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Become a kitchen ninja and get more organised when it comes to food. Saving you at least 2 hours a week and put money back in your pocket.

You deserve to feel like a Supercharged ⚡️ Triathlete and I'm going to help you get there!

Triathlon Nutrition Course


Triathlon Nutrition Kickstarter

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The best course to kickstart your triathlon nutrition journey to feel more energised and less overwhelm when it comes to nutrition. 
After the course, you'll be so much more confident you're putting the premium fuel in your high performance engine.
Triathlon Nutrition

Jerry Duggan

Since I took your Kickstarter Course in February 2023, I placed 16th AG IM Boulder 70.3, 4th AG IM Mont Tremblant, and 8th AG IM Chattanooga. I have gained 1 pound because I have gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat. If I took on Jerry of 2023, I'd like Jerry 2024's chances. So thanks for your help on my triathlon journey!


Triathlon Nutrition Fundamentals

1. Fundamentals

If like me, you missed nutrition 101 at school, this module forms the foundation for everything you will learn about nutrition. You'll learn about the different macronutrients, which food groups these come from and how they impact our health and performance.

All about our micronutrients and how to get enough from your diet without needing to taking supplements. We then tie it all together with how to build your plate real estate for long term health. 

Triathlon Nutrition Label Reading

2. Label Reading

In module 2 we’re going to dive into the Nutrition Information Panel in Australia and other places around the world because unfortunately food labelling isn’t universal. I’m going to show you how to read it and what to look out for so that you can make educated decisions around the types of packaged foods and sports products you buy.

You’re also going to learn about the ingredients lists and how they work. And finally, we’re going to tackle health claims. So you can smell marketing BS from a mile away!

Triathlon Nutrition Kitchen Skills

3. Kitchen Ninja

In this module, I’m going to show you my best hacks and tricks to help you get organised in the kitchen. I can't cook for you although I get many requests. But I CAN teach you the knowledge and skills to manage it yourself. Which is so much more powerful!

If you really want to get better, do better and be better, you’re going to need to get your sh!t together. This module will buy you back at least 2 hours a week and save you money as well!

Triathlon Recovery Nutrition

4. Recovery Nutrition

Most triathletes suck at recovery nutrition. Sorry! The right balance of recovery nutrients is missing, the timing is all wrong, there is no plan and it’s not organised.

My goal with this module is to help you have a clear framework for your recovery nutrition plan. No more winging it and hoping for the best. After I’m done with you, you’ll be confident you’re hitting the right targets for YOU. 

Because we only adapt - or get fitter and faster from the sessions that we recover from.

Triathlon Nutrition Fuelling Training 101

5. Fuelling Training 101

In this module I’m going to help you understand the basics of fuelling endurance training. Thanks to Dr Google it's incredibly overwhelming trying to figure out how much fuel you need during different types of training sessions and what are the best sports nutrition products to use.

We’re going to cover fuelling 101 including what products are made of, how we digest and absorb them and i’ll fast track your research by giving you some suggestions on products to start with plus some real food options too.




Hi! I'm Taryn

I'm not your regular straighty-180 dietitian. I'm a straight talker, take a no-BS approach and love a bit of banter.

Consider me your secret weapon when it comes to getting fitter, faster, stronger (and healthier!)

I'm here to educate, guide, inspire and possibly even give you the kick in the butt you need to finally improve your nutrition once and for all.

| Think of me as your coach, but for food!

Having worked with triathletes just like you for the last 15 years, and being a 'retired' age grouper myself, I completely understand what it's like to balance life with training for 3 sports. I was also fortunate to work as the sports dietitian for Triathlon Australia for 6 years. So let's just say, triathlon nutrition is my jam!

You spend hours & hours training, but if you haven’t got your nutrition sorted it can be so much harder to reach your goals. 

Spend a little time on your nutrition with an expert to improve your health, for life. Maintain your desired body composition & finally perform at your best. A little bit of sports nutrition advice goes a long way!

Yes, it's an investment, but it’s cheaper than buying a new bike and lasts a lifetime ;)

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Choose the payment option that works best for you and let's get you warmed up on your SUPERCHARGED TRIATHLETE journey!

Here's what you get...

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Expert, Evidence-Based Nutrition Advice

Designed and developed by a triathlon nutrition specialist, Taryn will systematically guide you through some of THE MOST important elements you need to train hard, recover faster and perform at your best!

With 15 years experience in the industry and first hand knowledge of the sport, there's no-one better equipped to have in your corner. 

Triathlon Nutrition Course

The tools to set you up for long term success

We don't believe in quick fixes. Nutrition is not passive. You can’t take a magic pill and wake up the next morning and have it all perfectly nailed. 

But I promise you, if you commit to working through this course, you’ll be setting yourself up for success now and in the long term.

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Free access to our secret community

Connect with a powerful group of like-minded triathletes that are working on the fourth leg, just like you!

Our private group is for Kickstarters only! We high 5 and support each other, shares ideas and have a judgement free space to share food pics and conduct general tri chit chat.

Triathlon Nutrition Course

Instant access to the complete course

As soon as you check out, the entire course drops into your library. Binge watch the entire thing, or systemically work through one module a week until you're done! We know how busy you are, so take it at your own pace.

The course is not going anywhere! 


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You've spent WAY more than this on bike kit, swimming gear and new running shoes...

And while a bike upgrade might make you 1-5% faster, the right nutrition can make you 10-40% faster!