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Fundamentals Nutrition Course


Our signature 6-week Nutrition Fundamentals course.

Start here if you:

  • Have never seen a dietitian before
  • Want to learn the foundations of healthy eating
  • Are sick of yo-yo dieting, want to learn the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, for life! 

Whether you're a weekend warrior or elite athlete, nailing these fundamentals is key!

I’ll teach you the right things to put into your body so you can get the most out of it! Skills you can take with you forever!

After all, you only have one body. Look after it.

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Supercharged Triathlete Kickstarter

Are you sick of being a tired Triathlete? Kickstart your journey to get SUPERCHARGED with our short course.

What you'll get:

4 self-paced lessons on the foundations of Triathlon Nutrition

  1. The Fundamentals - because everyone needs to start here to build a solid nutritional pyramid
  2. Periodisation - because you shouldn't eat the same thing each day. I'll show you how to build your plate depending on training load
  3. Pre-Training Nutrition - an area most triathletes don't get right. Do you need to eat before training? And if you do, what should you eat?
  4. Recovery Nutrition - so you can back up quickly and perform at your best. Build your very own custom plan to ensure you're ticking off the right boxes for YOU

Binge watch them all or pace yourself with one a week. Listen, learn, implement and practice! You've got access for 6 weeks just in case life happens.

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Olympic Distance Race Nutrition Course

We walk you through everything you need to know to develop your own custom Olympic Distance Race Nutrition Plan

Here's what you'll get:

10 self-paced lessons to build your own race nutrition plan

  1. Olympic Distance Racing
  2. Race Week Nutrition
  3. The Day Before
  4. Carbohydrate Loading
  5. Pre-Race Dinner
  6. Hydration
  7. Pre-Race Meal
  8. Bike Nutrition
  9. Run Nutrition
  10. Recovery Nutrition


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Triathlon Nutrition Foundations

Our signature 10-week Triathlon Nutrition course. I created this course to cut through all the rubbish that’s out there online and give you evidence-based nutrition advice.

Do this course if you:

  • Are new to triathlon
  • A seasoned athlete that’s never had any sports nutrition advice before
  • You struggle with fatigue, bonk during long rides, get gut issues on the run, suffer from 3:30itis
  • You're ready to learn how to eat properly to support training and racing
  • You're not ready for the Triathlon Nutrition Academy yet

In this course we cover…

  1. Nutrition Basics
  2. Our Macro & Micronutrients
  3. Pre-Training Nutrition
  4. Recovery Nutrition
  5. Fuelling long rides
  6. Hydration and Cramping
  7. Two important nutrients for triathletes – Calcium and Iron
  8. Sprint Race Nutrition
  9. Olympic Distance Race Nutrition
  10. Carbohydrate Loading


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Ready to Step Up?

For the ultimate in accountability and support, join the Triathlon Nutrition Academy.

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Other Short Courses available...

Need help in the cooking department?

We've got you covered!

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Free Recipes

Try out a selection of some of our favourite recipes, for free! 

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Recipe Database

Featuring over 100 #DietitianApproved recipes, that’s less than $1 per recipe!

All triple-tested in the Dietitian Approved kitchen!

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Weekly Menu Planning

We've taken the stress and effort out of planning your meals for the week and done it for you!⁠

Doors re-open again early June

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