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Jun 25, 2017

Introducing Dave!

Dave aka Bangar can do it all. From indoor rowing to rugby, surf swimming, pool swimming and running, what can’t you do well Dave? Just quietly he holds the title for the No. 1 ranked Indoor Rower for the half marathon IN THE WORLD!

Dave’s next focus is on smashing his Gold Coast 10km run time with the goal to go sub 39 minutes this weekend. Good luck Dave!

Dave with his son Jack after blitzing the Burleigh Swim Run 2017

Name: David

Current location: Palm Beach, QLD      

Profession: Turf Contractor

Sport of Choice: Running/Swimming

How many years have you been training and competing in your sport? 26 years

What got you into it in the first place? Looking for a new sport

What’s your favourite training session? 4-10 1km reps (running)

Main Competition or Event for 2017: Gold Coast 10km run + Burleigh Swim Run (Australia Day 2017)

Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, what are your bigger goals for your sporting career:
2018 World Indoor rowing champs;
Australia Day Challenge Burleigh Swim Run;
Burleigh to Surfers 10km swim

What’s your biggest achievement in your sport so far:
10 games with the QLD Reds 1988-1990
2015 No. 1 ranked indoor rower in the world for the half marathon

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?

  • Be kind to others
  • Strive for excellence and quality

What are one or two things you do in your day to day training life that you feel are keys to your success?

  • I am always thinking about recovery

Three things you can’t live without?

  • My 2 sons + my ute

Favourite food:

Wild-caught fish (Mackerel, Swordfish), mashed potato, cereal, Dietitian Approved Thai Red Curry

Favourite post-training meal or snack?

Fresh fruit scone, hot out of the oven from the Vietnamese bakery at Highgate Hill.

What’s the number 1 (or 2) things you’ve learnt about sports nutrition for performance in your sport?

  • Keep the protein trickling in all through the day
  • Periodise your eating

Photo cred: David Magahy 


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