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Product Review: YoPRO Protein Bar

Jun 07, 2020

Today on Coffee & Questions I did a quick LIVE review of the new-ish YoPro Protein Bar

At 20g per bar, this is a great little protein hit which could be useful if:

  • You can't get to a recovery meal within your window of opportunity post-training
  • You need a high protein snack (although this is not so convenient if you're out as the product needs to be kept in the fridge)
  • Your overall training demand is on the lower carbohydrate side so 20g of protein and 20g of carbohydrate is perfect for you post-workout
  • You're looking to add collagen to your diet
  • You have high energy needs so this immediately post-workout, followed up by a recovery meal 1-2 hours later fits within your overall requirements


A couple of downsides:

  • It does need the fridge so is not as convenient as some of the 20g protein bars that are shelf stable if you're on the run
  • At $4 per bar it's not the most cost effective snack going around!
  • The best before date comes around really quickly 
  • At over 1000kJ...
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