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Unravelling the Truth About Food Labels and The Nutrient Quality of Our Food with Dr Hayley Dickinson

Aug 02, 2023

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty surrounding the nutritional content of your food? Do you find it challenging to ensure you are meeting your daily nutrient requirements? 



Meet Dr. Hayley Dickinson, the founder of Eat for You, an Australian snack company committed to providing nutrient-tested, batch-tested food products. Read on as she explores the challenges of obtaining essential nutrients from our food, the importance of independent batch testing, and the potential of regenerative agriculture in solving this global issue.


Dr. Hayley Dickinson

  • Dr. Hayley Dickinson, a scientist with a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in reproductive stress during pregnancy, has been on a journey from academia to her love for food.
  • She has a desire to improve the food landscape globally and ensure people get what they need from their food drove her to start  Eat for You.


Understanding Nutrition Information Panels

  • The podcast highlights the lack of integrity in relying solely on databases to create nutrition information panels for food products.
  • Dr. Hayley Dickinson emphasises the importance of testing and batch testing to provide accurate nutrient content in every product.
  • While some nutrients, like energy, protein, sugars, fats, and sodium, must be included, Eat for You goes beyond requirements, testing for minerals and vitamins as well.


The Process and Impact of Batch Testing

  • Dr. Hayley Dickinson explains that after developing a recipe, they send the food batch to independent labs for analysis.
  • They also scan a QR code on the packaging that directs consumers to their website, revealing the exact nutrition information for that specific batch.
  • The brand's commitment to transparency ensures consumers know exactly what they're getting.
  • Dr. Hayley Dickinson shares how batch testing helps them identify fluctuations in nutrient content, such as protein-carb ratios and mineral compositions.
  • A crucial example is selenium levels in Brazil nuts, which can vary significantly from none to the recommended daily intake, making batch testing critical for optimal health and safety.


The Problem: Nutrient Depletion in Food

  • Food labels can be misleading and don't always provide accurate information about nutrient content.
  • Intensive farming practices and processing methods may strip nutrients from our food.
  • There is limited independent research on nutrient content in food, leaving us unsure of what we are truly consuming.
  • Synthetic supplements are not the ideal solution as they may not be as effective as whole foods and lack essential phytochemicals.



The Solution: Eat Real Whole Foods

  • Whole foods like meat, eggs, fruits, and veggies provide maximum nutrition and should be the foundation of your diet.
  • Processed and packaged foods may have attractive nutrition panels, but they lack the same nutritional value as whole foods.
  • Choose whole food supplements over synthetic ones, but be aware that even these may not be batch tested for nutrients.


The Journey of Eat for You

  • Dr. Hayley Dickinson's mission is to create real food with the nutritional reliability of a supplement.
  •  Eat for You, bars are batch tested to ensure accurate nutrient content and transparency.
  • The bars are a vehicle to inspire other brands to produce nutritious, transparent food.


The Importance of Independent Batch Testing

  • Nutritional labels are not always trustworthy, and batch testing is necessary to confirm nutrient content.
  • The nutrient content of food may change during storage, making batch testing essential.
  • Whole food supplements sound promising, but they also need to be batch tested for nutrient accuracy.


The Role of Regenerative Agriculture

  • Regenerative agriculture focuses on rebuilding soil health and increasing nutrient-rich food production.
  • Supporting farmers who practice regenerative agriculture can lead to a positive shift in food quality.
  • The ultimate goal is to obtain ingredients from nutrient-rich soil, providing real food with optimal nutrients.



A Bigger Conversation

  • The issues with nutrient depletion and food quality are complex and require a global shift.
  • Educating consumers and encouraging brands to prioritize nutrient-rich food can make a difference.
  • The legacy we leave for future generations depends on our actions now.


Wrapping up

Eating nutrient-rich food has never been more critical, considering the depletion of nutrients in our soil and food production processes. 

Dr. Hayley Dickinson's passion for real food and her commitment to providing honest, nutritious snacks through  Eat for You, highlight the importance of transparency in the food industry.

By supporting regenerative agriculture and choosing whole foods and batch-tested supplements, we can take steps toward a healthier, more nutrient-rich future for ourselves and the generations to come.


To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 105 - Unravelling the Truth About Food Labels and The Nutrient Quality of Our Food with Dr Hayley Dickinson  

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