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Food Apps We Love to Save you Money

Nov 24, 2022

Food Apps We Love to Save you Money

My Triathlon Nutrition Academy members always love when I share ideas that can save them money and time when it comes to their nutrition.

We are heading into an even more expensive time with Christmas so here are a few ideas, including several Apps, that might help you save some dollars as we hurtle towards the silly season.



1. Eat Club:

If you are blessed with the ability to go out at night (without the challenges that come with children that need to go to sleep!) check out Eat Club. Restaurants list last minute deals to fill empty tables.


2. Super Cook:

One of my personal favourites as it eliminates food wastage altogether.

If you are that person that has a bunch of random things left in the fridge at the end of the week that you just don't know what to do with then this App is for you.

This App allows you to add any ingredients you have in your pantry or left over in your fridge and suggests what you can make (assuming you only have the basics of salt, pepper and water). It has thousands of suggestions.  

With this App, food wastage is minimised and you get to expand your recipe base/food variety – although we can’t guarantee it will be as delicious or nutritious as the Dietitian Approved Recipe Database.

p.s. The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment says Australian households waste the equivalent of one in five bags of groceries – or $2,000 worth of groceries each year


3. Frugl:

Frugal is an App that compares prices on products across the five major supermarkets in Australia. So save yourself time and money by checking out the best deal available at the time you need it.

A bonus is that you can add any allergens/restrictions and even nutritional targets it will take those into account exclude items accordingly.


4. Half Price App: Apple Android

Supermarkets will let you know when they have their regular specials, but this Half Price App takes it a step further and will let you know when Woolworths or Coles reduce the price even further – sometimes as much as 50%!  So this could be a good one if you want to know when the stuff that you regularly buy is at half price, so you can stock up.


5. Happy Cow:

This App helps you to find vegan and vegetarian options at restaurants that are near you. So a Google Maps for vegan and veggo food. Restaurants put their restaurant in the App, so it's searchable and they'll tell you if it's a fully vegan restaurant, or if it's a vegetarian option type restaurant.

You can jump in and create a profile and review places as well. So it's nice to have some independent reviews from vegans or vegetarians. And it's a place where  you can connect with other people worldwide!


5. Shopback:

ShopBack is a cash rewards App (also available as a Chrome Browser extension) where in doing your regular online shopping/bookings using their platform, you get a percentage of that spend value back.

They also have daily deals and specials. e.g. I booked accommodation on, via ShopBack and I got 11% back into my ShopBack account.

Not food related but a way to save money. They also have a referral system that can earn you dollars!  If you live outside of Australia, there are equivalents – try Honey ( ), for example.


If you know of any other cool, time and money saving Apps you’d recommend, why not join our Dietitian Approved Facebook Group and share it there with our triathlon community!?



Shopping online is another great way to ensure you're not tempted by all the end of aisle specials and are only buying what you need.  Avoid the parking hassles, the check out queues, and the distraction and temptation of all the ‘shiny, new objects’ – those end of aisles specials that you’re likely to not need!

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There you have it – my ideas on how you might save money, time and wastage!


To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 69 - Food Apps We Love To Save You Money

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