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The Shit Show that was 2021

Dec 03, 2021

I wanted to take you behind the scenes a little bit at Dietitian Approved and the Triathlon Nutrition Academy and give you some insight into what's been happening this year. The highs and the lows, the lessons I’ve learnt and a peek behind the scenes at our plans for 2022.

Highlights of the year

  • The Olympics! It provided a great distraction and banded the country together
  • The Debut of the Triathlon mixed team relay
  • Launched the Triathlon Nutrition Academy program
  • Launched the Triathlon Nutrition Academy podcast
  • Dietitian Approved turned 6
  • Dietitian Approved transitioned to a more global brand with the change from to .com

Things I learnt this year

  • Exercise is a huge part of my life, specifically social exercising. I need to prioritise
  • I need to schedule breaks/holidays ahead of time so they actually happen
  • If I am going to put myself out there in the online world, I need to develop a thicker skin. Because negativity will happen
  • The power of social media can be used for good
  • Make sure you get council approval to use the park for sweat testing!

Our Plans for 2022

  • Finesse the Triathlon Nutrition Academy program and continue to support my athletes
  • Delve deeper into the wonderful world of podcasting
  • Fine-tuning the package offerings for new clients

To go deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast Episode 19:  The Shit Show that was 2021 for more!



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