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How Much I Invest in My Nutrition Education

Nov 30, 2023

Let’s get real about sports nutrition qualifications...


As a professional dietitian specialising in triathlon, I’ve invested over $50,000 and 15+ years honing my expertise. This enables me to translate complex sports science into tailored practical advice for your individual needs.

Yet unqualified “coaches” freely dole out generic nutrition tips despite no formal training. Their cookie-cutter advice rarely delivers the promised results.

Don’t waste time and money on amateur advice. Seek properly qualified sports dietitians to unlock your full potential. Here’s why it matters.



My Qualifications

  • 4 year nutrition and dietetics degree ($36K)
  • Sports nutrition specialisation course ($2K)
  • International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition ($10K!)
  • Ongoing professional development ($12K+/year)

This intensive education teaches both nutritional science and real world application. I can accurately assess your unique needs, interpret cutting-edge research, and advise proven strategies tailored to your situation.

It’s a continual learning journey to remain at the forefront of emerging sports science. You benefit from my commitment to lifelong education.

Contrast this to a 6 week “coach” course or self-taught Google expert. Their lack of qualifications severely limits their ability to help you perform at your peak.


The Danger of Misinformation

With free online access, anyone can claim “expert” status and spread nutritional myths. This confusing and conflicting advice wastes your time, delays progress, and may even jeopardise your health.

I have ethical and professional standards to uphold as a qualified dietitian. My advice aligns with scientific evidence, not the latest fad diet. You’re safeguarded from misinformation.



Invest in Real Expertise

Transforming your nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated or extreme. Small practical steps make a big difference when guided by expertise.

Work with a qualified sports dietitian to:

  • Match your fuelling to training demands
  • Optimise workout nutrition
  • Nail race day fuelling strategies
  • Troubleshoot gut issues
  • Adapt plans to your unique needs
  • Stay motivated through expert support



Good nutrition is the rocket fuel to help you thrive in endurance sports.

Don’t settle for subpar advice - seek properly qualified professionals to maximise your genetic potential.

The Triathlon Nutrition Academy equips you with individualised, evidence-based nutrition coaching to take your performance to new heights.

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To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 122 - How Much I Invest in My Nutrition Education  

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