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5 Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make

May 29, 2020

Coffee & Questions - 29th May 2020

Today I talked about my fave topic - Triathlon Nutrition! 😍😍
We had a great discussion about...

5 Nutrition Mistakes Triathletes Make...
Things I commonly see clients suffering with in clinic all the time, unfortunately! 
1. Eating the same each day
Unless you train the exact same way each day, you shouldn't eat the same thing each day! Learn how to scale up on big training days and scale back on lighter/rest days.
2. Doing a poor job of recovery nutrition
It's so easy to get right but I commonly see many athletes do a poor job of their recovery! Make some tweaks here and benefit from more energy, less tiredness and fatigue, decreased risk of injury and illness and better bang for your buck out of training!
3. Under-fuelling hard/long sessions
Again so many triathletes avoid or don't know how to fuel their hard/long sessions appropriately. If you bonk on long rides or can't peel yourself off the couch after big training sessions, chances are you aren't fuelling correctly.
4. Don’t have a race plan
Do you think the elites wing it on race day?! Definitely not!
I see a lot of triathletes without a race nutrition plan. They try and follow what works for someone else, don't trial things in training, completely wing it on race day and don't have any planned recovery! You put yourself at increased risk of getting sick and injured, fatigued for the next week or two, horrific gut upset during the race and generally poor performance than you're capable of!
5. Get their nutrition advice from the wrong places
Don't get me started on this topic! These are the common places I see athletes get misinformation from:
  1. Older more experienced athletes (with different requirements and metabolic needs). What works for them may not work for you! They've also had years of experience trialling and testing different things to perfect their plan.

  2. The Internet 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Which is a huge chasm of rubbish, irreputable information

  3. The wrong kind of Dietitian/Sports Dietitian that doesn't specialise in the area you need help with. It would be like trying to see your GP for knee surgery! We seek medical advice from the expert in that area, your nutrition information should come from the experts too!

  4. Coach or Supplement companies - this irritates me the most. Unless your coach has a degree in sports nutrition, they are not qualified to give you nutrition advice. Good coaches know their limitations and will refer you on to an expert they trust. Rather than trying to wing it themselves. Again, they've discovered what works for them, which may not work for you. And don't get me started on supplement companies offering 'free' advice. They are trying to sell you shit right?! Keep your wits about you!
If any of these mistakes resonated with you - don't stress! They're an easy fix with the right advice and some guidance on specific strategies FOR YOU!
Put these foundations in place now with my new Triathlon Nutrition Online Course and reap the rewards for many years to come!
I created this video series to cut through all the rubbish that’s out there online and give you evidence-based nutrition advice from a Triathlon Nutrition expert (with over 12 years of experience).
It’s perfect for anyone new to triathlon or even a seasoned athlete that’s never had any sports nutrition advice before.

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