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Dietitian Approved Crew - Julie Davidson

Aug 31, 2018

“I turned into a Fitness freak and never thought I would learn so much about how my body and mind were connected and what I was truly capable of.”

It all started when I got divorced. Yes, life took a turn I wasn’t expecting but it lead me down a path of health and fitness.  I started doing Body Building as a distraction and yes if you’re wondering, it’s the sport where you just eat chicken, broccoli and rice! Well not entirely true, but it definitely was a very strict way of eating. I did feel great, but it wasn’t really a good idea long term as it took me 20 weeks to prepare for 40 minutes of gratification.  I came 2nd in Queensland in my first competition and was blown away with how much my body changed.  I did this a couple of times but it really was a lot of hard work and it taught me some really bad habits about nutrition and flogging yourself at the gym.

I wanted to learn everything I could about health and fitness and decided to make this my life’s passion by becoming a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.  I did this for quite some time and even landed a role to massage the QLD State of Origin Team (don’t hold that against me, I’m a Blues girl!)

Being a Leo, I don’t sit still for long so my adventurous side got the better of me when my friend suggested I try Crossfit.  I thought “how the heck am I going to do this?!” but sure enough, I loved it and got addicted!  It was the perfect way for me to keep motivated, be challenged every session and to become a part of a great community that supports you no matter how good (or bad) you are.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a goal to be a runner.  Yes, I know you think PT’s are always fit and can run. Well, let me tell you that isn’t true! I didn’t really tell anyone and I joined a running group. The first session I literally thought my lungs were going to fall out onto the footpath! But my coach was so good with me – even though she knew I was a PT and should be fit, she totally got that running is a skill that has to be learnt, fit or not!  And yes, you guessed it, I became a runner!!  I even got up to running 10km at least twice a week.

Coming in to finish at New Farm Park Run

At that time, my days were filled with running an outdoor fitness business for Mum’s and Bub’s, Crossfit 4 days a week and running 2 days.  And the only reason I was able to do this was with the help of my Sports Dietitian, Dietitian Approved.

Fast forward 12 months and another curve was sent my way… a back injury that absolutely flattened me, literally. Everything that I loved was put on hold.  I am recovering today but I had no idea what my clients had gone through all these years of me training them.  I heard their words, I even saw them cry with such frustration but now ‘I actually get it’.

I was the only one that had to do the hard work to break through some pretty crazy habits and negative self-talk I had going on.  It was a long journey but after 2 years of seeing Taryn last week, this was the first time I didn’t drive straight to the shops after my skin folds to reward myself with a block of chocolate.  Yes, that’s what I did and wasn’t proud of myself but all I can see now is PROGRESS.

So for anybody that doesn’t believe that nutrition is the key to getting that body you desire or mental stability around food, then think again because it is and I am doing it without no more than 10 mins of walking a day!


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