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Dietitian Approved Crew – Phoebe Rothfield

Feb 14, 2019

Watch out for this legend who is toeing the start line at her first-ever 70.3 at Geelong this weekend. Together with training buddy and cousin Annabel. We’ve been privileged to be a part of their triathlon journeys so asked them to share who they are and what they do.

These two were complete beginners 3 years ago. Now, look at them go as they climb the triathlon ranks. Ironman next year ladies?

Current location: Armadale, a gorgeous suburb in Melbourne, Victoria

Professional background:
Partnership Manager at Crocmedia where I implement and manage media campaigns for big brands such as McDonald's, Kubota, Greyhound Racing Victoria. I’m also hopefully about to start volunteering at Ronald McDonald House Charities!

Sport of Choice:
Originally I came from a Field Hockey background having played since the age of 10 as well as partaking in Athletics, Rowing and Snowboarding (have you seen my quads?). I still do play Hockey in the Victorian Premier League but my sport of choice now is Triathlon.

How many years have you been training and competing in your sport?
For about 3 years now, this season would be my 4th.

What got you into it in the first place?
I found my Hockey off-season super boring and found going for runs tedious and the gym unbearable so a friend suggested we try a beginner Triathlon course with the newly created TriChicks, an all-female squad out of Melbourne. 10 weeks of a new sport at the time seemed so effing daunting but holy moly am I glad I did it! The swim in my first ever triathlon was death, legit thought I was going to drown, but got over it and well…nowhere I am!

What’s your favourite training session?
It used to be the brick sessions but since training for a Half Ironman, I have actually really enjoyed the long runs! Mostly because I get peace and quiet to listen to my true crime podcasts I love so much…

Main event for 2019?
I am competing in my first ever bloody Half Ironman on the 17th February in Geelong!!!! I am so looking forward to it, having spent months consistently training for it so am keen to get it done and enjoy myself whilst out there.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, what are your bigger goals for your sporting career:
I am very much a methodical person, have to do things in the right order, so I have started small with Sprints, progressed to Olympic distance and am coming up to my first ever Half. I would probably have to lose my mind and be considered insane to try a full Ironman. I want to see how the Half goes, if I enjoy it then I will try another until my body might be ready for the next step. But also really mindful that my arse may never forgive me if I sit on a bike for 180km. On a more serious note, I think in 2020 I would like to try and qualify for the Age Group World Championships and give that a crack!

What’s your biggest achievement in triathlon so far?
Once Geelong is done, the Half Ironman will be my biggest achievement.

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?
“Just get the job the done”

I’m a pretty focused person when it comes to training and I always like to just get it done.

What are one or two things you do in your day to day training life that you feel are keys to your success?
My nutrition day to day, it gets me through the training sessions and helps me prepare, train and recover well for the next session. I actually don’t know how I did long rides on nothing before getting in touch with Taryn. Also, massages are not a luxury they are a bloody necessity. I get a massage every Sunday and dry needling once a week. It’s a game-changer and gets me ready for the next week.

Three things you can’t live without?
Melting moment biscuits by Belmont Biscuit Company from Aldi

2. A Sex and The City box set
3. My deep sleep lavender spray

And on a more serious note….I would crumble if I didn’t have my family and partner in crime, Angus

Favourite food?
Love anything chicken-related… Chicken parma, butter chicken and Chicken and Leek pie! And my go-to dessert would have to be those Melting Moment (yo-yo) biccies or if I am feeling super lavish, a banana gelato filled with Nutella from Pidapipo

Favourite post-training meal or snack?
Chocolate milk and pancakes, with whipped butter and maple syrup. None of that fancy deconstructed freeze-dried birds of paradise or whatever the shiz they try and put on them these days 😉

What’s the number 1 (or 2) thing you’ve learnt about sports nutrition for performance in Triathlon?
If you don’t practice the nutrition in your day-to-day and on training and race days you are setting yourself up for a huge loss. Getting in touch with Taryn has helped me exponentially in how I prepare myself day to day and on the weekend to ensure I get the absolute best out of myself during these sessions. I have never trained, competed or recovered better in my life!



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