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Part 2: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunshine Coast 70.3 With Michael Welsh

Oct 20, 2022

Understandably, ex boxer, turned triathlete, Michael Welsh, who was a completely different athlete to Jason (who we spoke to last week), had a very different race nutrition plan.


Here is Part 2 of our podcast mini series where we lifted the curtain on athletes’ race nutrition plans for Sunny Coast 70.3.

Michael came to me because his old plan, from another dietitian, was super complicated, hard to remember and hard to get down! Only his third 70.3 but by making some changes he managed to smash his goal of going under 4 hr 30 mins.

This week I spoke to Michael where he compared what he used to do to what he does (now that he knows better) and the difference it's made to his performance. 

Michael also shared some of the fundamentals he took care of with his new plan. Namely: 

  • His race nutrition plan
  • How he practised his nutrition in lead up events
  • His pre-race nutrition – his carbohydrate loading
  • The bike and run fuel plan we designed to cater to his need to go really fast!
  • His recovery nutrition 

We also spoke about how he will tweak his plan for his next race, including the need for more hydration, given it will be a hot race.

Take a listen!



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To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 64 - Part 2: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunny Coast 70.3 With Michael Welsh

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