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Part 1: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunshine Coast 70.3 with Jason Currie

Oct 13, 2022

When building a race nutrition plan – no two plans are the same.

Every athlete needs to tailor to their specific needs based on their size, their race speed, the event and what actually works for them.  There’s no one size fits all when it comes to race nutrition plans.

To demonstrate how different the race nutrition needs can be from one athlete to the next, I recently interviewed Triathlon Nutrition Academy member, Jason Currie. We talked about his race nutrition plan for Sunny Coast 70.3 - where he smashed out a 1 hour PB!! 🎉

In Jason’s case, despite having done a crazy amount of racing (including 10 x Ultra marathons, 2 x half Ironmans, 1 x full Ironman and several short races in the space of 12 months!!), he had NEVER had a race nutrition plan prior to joining the Academy 😲. 

Jason explained that through the support and knowledge he garnered from being within the ⚡ Triathlon Nutrition Academy, ⚡ he was able to not only develop his own race nutrition plan he was able to tweak, adjust and adapt it along the way because he knew why he needed to fuel at the various stages, he knew what his nutrition goals were each step and he knew how to achieve those.

He had specific challenges that meant we needed to tailor his 🥦 nutrition plan to accommodate those needs. He took the time in the weeks earlier to put his nutrition plan into practice so we could tweak the plan in the lead up to the race.

He also made the mindset shift and recognised the need to address his pre-race nutrition so he was well fuelled heading to the start line 🏃 and to ensure his recovery nutrition was covered so he could avoid the DOMs and get up and go again easily the following week.

🎙️ Take a listen to this week’s podcast to hear about how Jase was able to pace his nutrition in such a way that he didn’t bonk and was able to complete the 70.3 with a 1 hour PB! 🙌


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To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 63 - Part 1: Two Different Race Nutrition Plans for Sunny Coast 70.3 With Jason Currie

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