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The Ultimate Triathlete Christmas Gift Guide

Nov 16, 2023

Stuck on what to get the triathlete in your life this festive season? We've got you covered with the ultimate triathlon gift guide.


Below are 20 perfect presents at a range of budgets - from stocking stuffers to big ticket items. There's something for every multisport enthusiast on your list.

Use this list for gift inspiration or share it with loved ones for stress-free holiday shopping!


Race Day Essentials

Fins - Help them swim faster with a quality pair of triathlon-specific fins like the DMC Elite II Tri Fins. Around $99.

Pool Buoy - Improve technique and body position with your own personal swim bubble. Try the Endless Pools Anti-Torpedo buoy. Approx $42.

Goggles - Can never have enough! Choose between pool or open water lenses. $20-$100.

Race Entry - Give the gift of entry into their dream event! Just ensure they want to race the distance.

Running Shoes - Help lower this frequent expense. Check brand and model or give a voucher.

Aerobar Pads - Make their ride more comfortable with armrest pads for the aerobars.

Race Belt - Essential on race day. Gel loops and pockets work well.

Hydration System - Hands-free drinking via a front mounted straw system or downtube torpedo.

Bike Multi-tool - Fix mechanicals on the go with a quality multi-tool in their saddle bag.


Uplevel Your Racing and Nutrition

Triathlon Nutrition Kickstarter Course - Give the gift of expert online nutrition education with the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Kickstart. $347.

Run Foot Pod - Gather pace, stride length and more data. E.g. Stryd foot pod. Approx $250.

Dietitian Approved Fitness Bundle - Run singlet, water bottle and recipe book. $99.

Digital Healthy Eating Bundle - The Foundations of Healthy Eating Mini Course plus Summer Salads Recipe Collection. All online. $57.

Bike Fit Yourself Course - Invest in an online DIY course to dial in their position. Use code F8JH6YC

Fitness BundleGive the gift of health and fitness this Christmas with our Dietitian Approved festive bundle. Includes a run singlet, water bottle, and Fuel Your Adventure Book

Stocking Stuffers

Fuel Your Adventure Book - Homemade energy bars, balls, drinks and more! Recipe book created by an Advanced Sports Dietitian. $32.

Sports Massage - The gift of muscle recovery! Find a therapist skilled in sports massage. Worth the investment.

Nutrition Samples - Test gels, bars, and drinks with a variety mix pack. Useful for newbies.

Fun Socks - A pair of cool cycling socks brings a smile. Pick funky designs they'll love.

Garlic Press - The best garlic press I’ve ever used – you want one, you need one.

Dreamfarm Garject. $70.

USA Amazon link here $50 USD 

AUS Amazon link here (for the plastic lite)

Trigger Point Tools - Release those tight muscles with self-massage goodies like rollers and balls

There you have it - 20 triathlon-specific gift ideas to suit all budgets and make the triathlete in your life smile this festive season. Take the guesswork out of holiday shopping with the ultimate triathlon gift guide.



To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 120 - The Ultimate Triathlete Christmas Gift Guide  

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