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Athlete Case Study: From Cyclist to Triathlete with Steve Duquette

Apr 13, 2023

Being a cyclist before getting into triathlon, Steve has valuable insights to share about the nutritional challenges that come with training for three sports instead of one.


Recent podcast guest, Steve Duquette, is a Canadian triathlete from Ontario. Steve has been participating in triathlon for a couple of years and is now preparing to take on his first 70.3 this year. 

When asked about how he fell in love with triathlon, Steve revealed that he was intrigued by the challenge of doing three sports. He was introduced to the sport through his cycling friends who were also participating in triathlons. Steve completed three events last year, including a sprint, a half Ironman, and an Olympic distance. He said he was proud of himself for finishing all three events, but he knew he needed help because he had difficulty completing the runs. Steve sought the help of the Academy program and has been a member for six months now.



Steve shared that the biggest change for him in the last six months was his nutrition. Although he considered himself a healthy eater, he was eating the same food every day, which he learned was not ideal. Steve also noted that he was unaware of the importance of hydration and electrolytes. He found that this was a major issue for him during his events, which caused him to cramp and suffer on the run. He now plans his meals based on his training schedule and has learned about macro nutrient planning. And, since nailing his recovery nutrition he has more energy to get up and go again after training or a race. 

When asked of his future racing plans and how he’s going to prepare, Steve discussed the importance of understanding the body's need for carbohydrates in endurance sports like triathlon. i.e. Carbs are not evil. He shared that he is currently focusing on developing his carbohydrate-loading strategy and using multiple transportable carbohydrates. He is also practising and implementing these things ahead of time and sweat testing to understand his hydration needs during the race.

Steve plans to go back and revisit the program's material to reinforce his understanding. Taryn encourages everyone to go back and re-listen to the program to gain more knowledge and progress to the next level.



Steve's experience is a great example of how proper nutrition and hydration can make a significant difference in an athlete's performance. The podcast emphasises the importance of planning and preparing meals based on training schedules and learning about the essential nutrients needed for optimal performance. The podcast also highlights the supportive community in triathlon and the importance of seeking help from professionals when needed.

In conclusion, Steve's experience provides valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of triathlon, especially for those who are new to the sport. Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial to an athlete's performance and recovery, and the podcast emphasises the importance of seeking help and learning about the necessary nutrients. Steve's journey is a great inspiration for those who want to take on the challenge of triathlon and achieve their fitness goals.

If you are ready to make these same gains, come and join us inside the Triathlon Nutrition Academy.



To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 89 - Athlete Case Study: From Cyclist to Triathlete with Steve Duquette  

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