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Why you don't need to count calories as a triathlete

Sep 15, 2022

Rather than count calories, I’d suggest you learn to eat to fuel your body, without having to track everything you put in your mouth!

Counter intuitive for many triathletes I know - those over-achieving personality types who love data, numbers, keeping track and keeping control.

I’m not saying stop if you are currently tracking and love it BUT you don’t need to track or start tracking. You can lose weight/drop body fat without having to count calories. 


What to consider when counting calories:

  • Limitations with recording – Label tolerance – did you know the labels can state 20% on either side - different from actual?
  • The accuracy when estimating portions. When you eat at home you can weigh – but when you eat out you have to estimate.
  • Research shows that by tracking what you eat when you record, you can change your habits BUT are you being accurate and truthful when you record?
  • There are limitations with estimating expenditure – watch, bike computer – prediction equations. They can be significantly different from actual!


Why does it matter?

PERIODISATION – essential to track when you train for 3 sports


I can help YOU achieve your goals WITHOUT tracking calories. 

Does that make you heave a sigh of relief? 


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