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Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

Aug 18, 2022

 When it comes to Triathlon Nutrition there's A LOT you can do to maximise your performance.

Once you’ve figured out the basics of the sport – what you put in your mouth is the next thing you need to turn your attention to (BEFORE you drop $20K on a new bike) because nutrition really is the fourth leg! Your body is what’s going to get you to the finish line faster.

Success in triathlon comes from being minimally affected by the swim and the ride. It's about getting to the run in the best possible shape that you can so that you can continuously run without stopping or bonking or hitting the wall or vomiting your guts up and trying to keep a nice even pace on the run.

I explain the 'what, why and how to' of triathlon training nutrition 101 - the foundations including:


Pre training nutrition

  •  Do you have a plan for different types of training sessions?
  •  Do you know how much you need to have before a session?
  •  Do you know what types of foods to eat?
  •  Is your calcium and iron intakes sufficient?

Recovery nutrition

  •  Do you know what the 4 R’s of recovery are?
  •  Do you know the time window you should be aiming for post training or race?
  •  Do you know what foods to consume?

Day to day general training nutrition

  •  Do you have a plan that will work around work, family and training commitments?
  •  Is your general training week nutrition dialed in?
  •  Do you have energy at the end of the week?
  •  What’s your strategy for a rest day? A double session day? A long endurance based training day?


  •  Nutrition lays over your training program
  •  Have you tested your race nutrition?


  •  Do you know your sweat rate?
  •  Do you know how much you need to drink when you’re training? When you’re racing? In cold conditions? In heat?

To dive into my Triathlon Training Nutrition 101 tips, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 55 - Triathlon Training Nutrition 101

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