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Ultra355 Australia Race Report with TNA Athlete Jody Walker

Sep 22, 2022

 When it comes to pushing yourself as a triathlete, the Ultra355 is up there!

It’s a 3-day endurance event not for the faint-hearted. Over three big days, you swim 5kmride 300kmand run 50km.

Recently Triathlon Nutrition Academy athlete, Jody Walker, competed and not only finished as the first female overall, but also smashed a bunch of course records in the process.  Woohoo!!

When she was preparing for this race, she found there wasn’t a lot of information out there about the Ultra355 (race reports or interviews), so naturally, we asked her to jump on the podcast and share her experiences with you.


What made her want to do Ultra355?

     ▪️ A goal/deadline - motivation to recover from an injury

What type of training prepares you for a 3-day endurance event?

     ▪️ Training - anything from 16-18 hours to 20 -21 hours

     ▪️ Taking nutrition seriously – getting professional advice

     ▪️ Mindset - mental stamina

     ▪️ Knowing what to expect

     ▪️ Different sessions – no intensity, backing up

What nutrition training did she have to do in the lead-up?

     ▪️ Went a lot harder, eating more especially in the peak build time

     ▪️ Eating enough to fuel herself

     ▪️ Recovery nutrition – the number one thing

     ▪️ Gut training

What strategies did she implement throughout the 3 days to ensure she could back up and go again despite being tired and fatigued?

     ▪️ Pacing herself – do well under what she knew she could do Day 1, so she could finish strong

     ▪️ Nailing the nutrition – race nutrition and recovery nutrition

     ▪️ Having a plan and having a back up plan

     ▪️ Pre-preparing meals/nutrition – less stress, less overthinking, less second guessing

Her advice for anyone thinking about doing Ultra355! 


Take a listen to this week’s Triathlon Nutrition Academy podcast to hear Jody’s advice – and if that doesn’t inspire you, motivate you and educate you - nothing will!! 



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To dive deeper, listen to the Triathlon Nutrition Academy Podcast, EP 60 - Ultra355 Australia Race Report with TNA Athlete Jody Walker

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