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Transforming Body and Mind: Chris Kenon’s journey into Triathlon

Mar 22, 2024

Embarking on a journey towards triathlon is not just about physical endurance; it's about mental fortitude and personal transformation. Join me as we dive into the inspiring story of Chris Kenon, a triathlete from North Carolina, USA, as she shares her remarkable journey from a complete novice to a seasoned competitor.

Learning to Swim with YouTube:

Chris didn’t plan to be a triathlete. She was a runner, but a chance encounter led to a spot in a team, which quickly escalated from just completing the run leg to signing up for a full Ironman. It was a daunting task for someone with limited cycling experience and who couldn’t swim, but she didn’t back down. Chris taught herself to swim in a local pool by watching YouTube Videos! She tried to mimic their form and practised until she was confident enough to tackle the race.

Transformation through Dedication:

Chris's journey goes beyond athletic achievements, delving into a transformative shift in her health and well-being. She’s candid about her battles with obesity and low self-esteem that drove her to start a significant weight-loss journey.

Body transformations aren’t something we discuss a lot because they aren’t the purpose of the Triathlon Nutrition Academy. My goal is to teach athletes how to fuel and eat properly, which can have an effect. However, it’s an important part of Chris’s story that shows her power of determination and the shift in her priorities as she learned more about health and fitness.

Embracing Nutrition as the Fourth Leg of Triathlon:

As Chris progressed deeper into Triathlon, the importance of nutrition became evident. Through the Triathlon Nutrition Academy, Chris learned valuable lessons about fueling her body for optimal performance. She’s tracking nutrient intake, planning meals, and consciously building healthy nutrition habits.

One of her biggest changes was embracing carbohydrates in her diet. Before the Academy, she viewed them as the enemy, but she now appreciates the vital role they play in fuelling her body as an endurance athlete.

Another big change was eating more fruit and vegetables and a larger variety of them. She used to keep things simple with chicken & broccoli and filled in the nutritional gaps with supplements. Now she eats a huge variety of nourishing food in her diet and gets the nutrients she needs naturally, not from a pill.

Chris has made incredible progress and is a testament to the power of dedication, resilience, and self-belief in achieving athletic success. Many triathletes come from a similar dieting background to Chris, so I know her journey will resonate with a lot of you. She has built a solid foundation of nutrition and mindset that will support her to continue to push her limits. No matter what crazy goals she sets for herself.

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