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Tips for food prep and organisation for the time poor athlete

Jun 10, 2022

 Tips for food prep and organisation for the time poor athlete

Eating for optimal health and performance doesn’t happen by accident. Think of the food choices you make when you’re time poor or in a rush…

  • You’re more likely to get takeaway or eat out
  • You’re more likely to grab and go whatever is available, quick and easy to fill a hole
  • You’re more likely to eat a bowl of cereal for dinner
  • You’re more likely to smash a protein shake after a session and go to bed without ticking all of your recovery boxes  

I'm a black belt organisation ninja! Let me teach you some of the strategies I use to help my athletes eat better, even when they’re time poor. A little bit of time spent in preparation and organisation goes a LONG way when you’re trying to juggle training, work and family commitments!


Weekly Planning


Shop Once a Week

  • Write a list, shop once and stick to the list
  • Saves you time and money (as you won’t overspend or buy things you don’t need)  

Make Use of Online Shopping

  • If you use the weekly menu planner – you can save these shopping carts as set weeks so all you need to do is add your staples and other items for lunches, snacks and breakfast
  • Automate fruit and vegetable delivery boxes from local farmers
  • Good if you’re an adaptable and innovate cook – not so good if you need to follow a recipe and can’t throw together a meal based on what’s been delivered 
  • Could be a top-up mid-week if you’re feeding a big/hungry family   

Batch, cook and freeze

  • Make a double batch, eat half and freeze the rest
  • Make use of the Dietitian Approved Recipe Database
  • Be vigilant to still periodise to your training – so do not eat the same thing for the five day work week  

Lean on your slow cooker

  • With a little organisation in the morning, you can set and forget and come home to a ready cooked, homemade, nutritious meal
  • You can find great slow cooker recipes in the Dietitian Approved Recipe Database
  • Use meal base packets for extra flavour - check out the "no hidden nasties" range of seasonings, sauces and meal base packets from Mingle* (*see below for discount code)


Eating for health and performance doesn’t happen by accident. 

If you’re serious about your nutrition, spend some time organising your life.


Take a listen to my recent podcast Episode 45 as I expand on these ideas and explain how, by implementing one or more of these strategies, you can earn your organisation ninja black belt!


 * Check out Mingle's range of "no hidden nasties" spices, sachet sauces and meal base packets to make your everyday cooking healthy, simple and fuss free!  These flavours are super versatile and delicious (and can be used with many of the Dietitian Approved Recipe Database recipes).  You can find Mingle in Coles and Woolies but order online to receive a 15% discount - just use the code DIETITIANAPPROVED15 at the checkout.



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