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Laura Hoffman reveals her secrets to a 20min PR at Western Massachusetts 70.3

Jul 05, 2024

Have you ever felt like your body just isn’t cooperating, no matter how hard you train or how well you think you’re eating? You’re not alone. Many athletes experience this, and today’s guest, Laura Hoffman, is no exception. Laura previously struggled with iron absorption issues that severely impacted her training but overcame this with tailored nutrition. Recently, she achieved a 20-minute personal record (PR) at the Western Massachusetts 70.3 Ironman, and Laura is sharing how she did it!

Laura shares that her realistic goal for this race was five hours and 45 minutes, but her “super top secret” goal was an ambitious five hours and 30 minutes. Despite facing less-than-ideal conditions, Laura did the unthinkable and crossed the finish line right at 5:30. She described the euphoric moment when she saw the time on the board and realised she had achieved her ultimate goal.

The Game-Changer: Nutrition

The real secret sauce here was a significant transformation in her approach to nutrition. Before starting work with me, Laura was dealing with fatigue and iron absorption issues, which led her to require iron infusions every three months. It got to the point where she thought she might have to give up triathlon!

Thankfully, she came across the Triathlon Nutrition Academy and started on a nutrition plan tailored to her unique needs and the demands of a triathlete's lifestyle. For instance, one change Laura made was fuelling within a specific time window post-workout—a strategy she had overlooked before. After just a few weeks of these simple adjustments, Laura noticed a monumental shift. Gone were the endless naps and the need for two pots of coffee a day. Instead, she was energetic, requiring just a single cup of half-caffeinated coffee to power through her increasingly active days.

There is no one-size-fits-all in nutrition!

For optimal performance, it’s crucial to test and practise to find what works. Laura emphasises how important this was for her race-day nutrition. She shares how bananas and Clif bars—which are often staple race foods—didn't sit well with her. Instead, precision fuel and hydration did the trick, leading to "no gut upset and more energy than I’ve ever had during a race," she remarked.

As Laura looks ahead to her next goal—racing in New Zealand at the Worlds—she plans to adjust her strategy based on the available local foods and race-day conditions. Whether practising carb-loading or fine-tuning her race-day fuel, Laura is committed to continuous improvement.

Laura's story is a testament to the transformative power of personalised nutrition. Not only did it help her achieve a phenomenal 20-minute PR, but it also resolved her long-standing energy issues, allowing her to continue with the sport she loves. So, if you’re also looking to break through your performance barriers, maybe it’s time to consider a more personalised approach!



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