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How to Maximise Your Triathlon Performance in Less Training Time

Jul 27, 2023

Meet Taren - Triathlete and Founder of Mottiv

Taren, affectionately known as Taz, has been a dedicated triathlete for the past 13 years. With a passion for triathlon and a wealth of experience, Taren founded Mottiv, a venture aimed at making quality training plans accessible and motivating for athletes like you!


Mottiv - Born from Passion and Purpose

Taren's journey with Mottiv began as a hobby. After realising that his career as an investment advisor wasn't fulfilling his true calling, he turned to his love for triathlons and started a YouTube channel to share the lessons he had learned over the years. Little did he know that this hobby would evolve into the second largest triathlon-focused YouTube channel worldwide and lead to the creation of Mottiv.


The Mottiv Method - Train with Purpose

At Mottiv, the goal is helping triathletes train smarter, not harder. Their approach, aptly named the Mottiv Method, is centered around four key pillars:

1. Training with Precision 

Training in the right intensity to ensure every hour you invest is meaningful. Their training plans are meticulously designed to complement your specific training zones, ensuring your body adapts and thrives.

2. Striving for Balance

As an age group athlete juggling various aspects of life, it's crucial to find the right balance in your training. They encourage using HRV (heart rate variability) to gauge how your body is responding to the load, helping you avoid burnout and unnecessary strain.

3. Embracing Strength Training

A well-functioning body is the foundation of peak performance. That's why Mottiv emphasises the importance of strength training in your triathlon journey. It's not just about going hard; it's about going strong.

4. Fueling with Purpose

Complementary nutrition is the key to enhancing your workouts. Their plans incorporate nutrition strategies that provide your body with the fuel it needs to excel.

5. Tailored Training for Real People

The Mottiv App is your companion in this journey. Unlike other Apps, they understand that triathletes like you have varied goals and interests. Whether you're aiming for a 5k personal best or dreaming of competing in Kona, they’ve got a training plan to suit you. Plus, the plans allow you to mix and match different races, perfect for the adventurous triathlete.

6. More Than Just a Training App

Mottiv is committed to keeping you motivated and engaged throughout your training. Their App is designed to show you tangible progress and celebrate your achievements. After all, training is not just about the numbers; it's about the journey to becoming the best version of yourself.



Don't Get Lost in the FOMO

We all know the feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when we see others taking part in epic triathlon events on social media. But remember, you don't have to jump into the deep end right away! 

Take Steve, for example; he's done a few events and is eager to conquer a 70.3 and Ironman back-to-back. But is it really necessary? It's essential to listen to your body and train at a level that suits you best. 

Don't get caught up in the "more is better" mentality. Embrace your journey and maximise your training to enjoy the sport without unnecessary stress.


Training Intensity Matters

Whether you're training 8 or 20 hours a week, one mistake that many triathletes make is training too hard. 

The key is to find the right balance and spend a significant portion of your time at a low intensity. 

Your aerobic threshold is critical, and around 75-80% of your annual training time should be dedicated to this zone. Most amateurs, however, tend to spend less time in the low-intensity zone, leading to injuries, stress, and underperformance. 

So remember, ease up on the throttle and allow your body to adapt and recover properly.


Strength Training for Performance Gains

Strength training is a game-changer! It helps improve efficiency in swimming, biking, and running, and you can even substitute some endurance training hours with strength training to achieve better results. 

By incorporating strength workouts, you can enhance your performance without needing to train longer hours.


The Nutrition Connection

A crucial aspect of triathlon training is matching your nutrition to the intention of your workout. 

Intense workouts require plenty of carbohydrates and high blood glucose levels, while endurance-building sessions may involve a little less fuel to encourage fat burning. 

Tailor your nutrition accordingly and be mindful of your body's needs during training and recovery.


Monitoring Heart Rate Variability

Tracking heart rate variability can give valuable insights into your readiness to train. 

While there are apps and gadgets available, Taren suggests using a simplified approach. Keep an eye on how you feel, notice any muscle soreness, and pay attention to your motivation levels. 

Sometimes, low motivation might indicate the need for rest rather than pushing through and overtraining.



Finding Your Balance

Balancing triathlon training with other aspects of life is essential for long-term success. 

The demands of work, family, and other commitments can fluctuate, impacting your training capacity. Don't hesitate to adjust your training based on your current circumstances. 

Embrace periods of rest when needed and celebrate the times when you can push harder.

Remember, triathlon training is not just about pushing yourself to the limit; it's about finding balance, embracing strength training, and fueling your body purposefully.

By avoiding common training mistakes like excessive intensity and listening to your body, you can prevent burnout and injuries. Pay attention to heart rate variability and be willing to adjust your training based on life's demands.


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