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The AIS Supplement Framework

Apr 22, 2021

Today on Coffee & Questions    I gave a brief overview of the...

It is an EPIC, evidence-based resource from the great minds of Sports Nutrition. As a globally recognised framework, I think it's important to showcase. 

You can check it out HERE

Before you reach for your supplements though, I want to share with you my philosophy.

My philosophy

As a Dietitian, my philosophy is always “food first”. Focus on eating unprocessed, real foods as the foundation of a good evidence-based sports nutrition plan. It's not until you've nailed the foundations that you would consider adding supplements. They should be used as a supplement to a great diet. Not the first point of call. 

Remember to build your nutrition cake or pyramid in the right direction. I talked about this in more detail last week. If you missed it, check it out HERE

HOWEVER, some supplements and sports foods can play a small (sprinkles) but valuable role...

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Supplement review: Pycnogenol / Modex

Apr 15, 2021

Every week I have clients ask me if they should take a particular supplement. It's a new, sparkly product with unmatched results, "clinically proven" and taken by all the pro's.

But often they're looking for the 1% performance gains without the solid foundations first. They take an expensive supplement, yet don't fuel training properly or under recover or eat crap on the weekends ‍


Today on Coffee & Questions I talked about a specific supplement that seems to be prolific in the endurance space at the moment. Modex.

I’ve had a number of people ask me about it recently so I thought it would be useful to share with you in case you’ve got a mate raving about the benefits or you already take it.

I’m going to explain what it is, and walk you through the process I go through when looking into a new supplement/product with the critical eye of an Advanced Sports Dietitian. I don't simply google it, read it's website or a blog. 

On the Modex website,...

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Ironman Race Nutrition - The key ingredients to a successful run

Apr 08, 2021

Today on Coffee & Questions I talked about race nutrition during the back end of an Ironman, in particular the run.

With Cairns IM only 8 weeks away, now is the perfect time to be perfecting your Ironman race nutrition plan. 

Here are the key points I talked about today:

  1. Success in an IM comes from minimal fatigue from the swim and bike

  2. The types of foods suitable for running - eating on your feet

  3. The importance of practising with on-course nutrition

  4. Train your gut! This includes both nutrition AND hydration

  5. Do Sweat Testing to understand your individual hydration needs

  6. Explore any cramping issues

  7. What Caffeine options are there on the run?

  8. Don't try anything new on race day!

If you're interested in Sweat Testing (and are located in Brisbane), register your details HERE to get notified about our upcoming sessions.

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Fuelling - Should you eat before exercise?

Mar 25, 2021

Should you eat before exercise? And if you do what should you eat?

Coffee & Questions is back!!

One of the biggest issues faced by the Dietitian Approved crew is fuelling for their training. Today I give you a few key pointers for fuelling before training. When it's a good idea to do training fasted versus when to fuel before training.

Sorry about the poor image quality - on the to-do list this weekend is to buy a new webcam!

If you need help with meeting your fuelling needs, invest in a Sports Dietitian to develop a customised plan for you!

If you're looking for a more cost-effective option, check out one of our Online Courses for a great place to start.

See you next week!


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Stay on Track in 2021

Jan 01, 2021

2021 is here and motivation is at its peak! It can be easy to jump headfirst into New Year’s resolutions, only to run out of puff after a few weeks. If you want long term change, set realistic goals using our top tips to help you achieve them…

1. Forget the Detoxes

From colon cleanses to juice fasts  ‍, detoxes are believed to be the best way to rid your body of toxins, lose weight and kick start a healthier lifestyle. The truth is though, there is no evidence to support such practices. Our body is well equipped with two kidneys and a liver to filter our blood and eradicate toxins. By simply eating a healthy, balanced diet and ensuring healthy habits each day, we help our body to maintain a balance in the long-term, without the need to “detox”…..whatever the heck that means. Read our Dismissing the Detox blog to learn the five tips we use instead to get back on track at Dietitian Approved.

2. Choose SMART goals

SMART stands...

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5 Tips for SURVIVING the Festive Season

Nov 10, 2020

Summer is well and truly here with the festive season in full swing. Many of us completely ‘let go’ over the festive season as we overindulge on delicious food and alcohol.

Our healthy lifestyle and fitness goals go straight out the window as soon as December hits and it’s not uncommon for people to just accept that weight gain is inevitable. After New Year’s, we then strive to get back on the bandwagon come January.

I challenge you to change your attitude this year and implement my Top 5 tips for SURVIVING this festive season to prevent the silly season bulge.

1. Aim for balance

The holiday period provides plentiful opportunities to overeat and over-drink as special occasions are often centred around food. It’s not a reason to eat as much as you can (despite our competitiveness) or ‘get your money’s worth’ from parties and gatherings. We tend to have this ‘All or Nothing’ mentality, and we forget that you don’t...

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What Do I Eat Before a Triathlon Race?

Jul 20, 2020

A question I get asked frequently in the clinic – What do I eat before a race?

Generally, I'd suggest organising a specific RACE NUTRITION PLAN for your specific event as everyone is different, but here are a few general guidelines to help you get started...

Pre-Race Meal Timing - How long do you have?

What you eat before a race depends on how long you’ve got to digest and absorb it. If you have multiple hours (for e.g. Byron Bay OD which doesn't start to lunchtime), something heavier and more solid is probably going to be ok.

Compared to a shorter time-frame i.e. 1 hour or less, something smaller and easily digestible will work best. In saying that, everyone is different and you need to figure out what works best for you.

If you know you are a nervous racer and food sits in your stomach for a while, I'd suggest getting up a little earlier to ensure you have something to eat 2-2.5 hours prior to the race start.

Go for a smaller volume but...

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Product Review: YoPRO Protein Bar

Jun 07, 2020

Today on Coffee & Questions I did a quick LIVE review of the new-ish YoPro Protein Bar

At 20g per bar, this is a great little protein hit which could be useful if:

  • You can't get to a recovery meal within your window of opportunity post-training
  • You need a high protein snack (although this is not so convenient if you're out as the product needs to be kept in the fridge)
  • Your overall training demand is on the lower carbohydrate side so 20g of protein and 20g of carbohydrate is perfect for you post-workout
  • You're looking to add collagen to your diet
  • You have high energy needs so this immediately post-workout, followed up by a recovery meal 1-2 hours later fits within your overall requirements


A couple of downsides:

  • It does need the fridge so is not as convenient as some of the 20g protein bars that are shelf stable if you're on the run
  • At $4 per bar it's not the most cost effective snack going around!
  • The best before date comes around really quickly 
  • At over 1000kJ...
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Coffee & Questions - 5th June 2020

Jun 05, 2020
Today we had some great discussion on pre and post-training nutrition, fuelling long rides, periodisation for rest vs heavy training days and I did a quick little review of the new-ish YoPRO protein bar.
If you’re a Triathlete that needs help with these foundations, check out my new Triathlon Nutrition course!
I created this video series to cut through all the rubbish that’s out there online and give you evidence-based nutrition advice from a Triathlon Nutrition expert (with over 12 years of experience).
It’s perfect for anyone new to triathlon or even a seasoned athlete that’s never had any sports nutrition advice before. Remember we want to build a pyramid from the bottom up, not the other way around!
Check it out here 
P.S. It’s currently on sale for a ripping $200 off!!
Doors are also OPEN for our Weekly Menu Planning Service for 1 more week only. If you want a Dietitian...
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Stay Well This Winter - 5 Tips to Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

Jun 01, 2020

With the cooler weather setting in, the cold and flu season is upon us. There’s nothing worse than getting sick, especially right before a key event! Here are our Top Five Tips for looking after your immune system and staying well this winter.

1. Get your 2 fruit and 5 veggie serves in each day

Vitamins and minerals are important for a huge range of reactions within the body such as growth and repair, muscle function, energy metabolism and protection from free radical damage. If we don’t get enough of certain nutrients, our health and performance suffers. It also increases your risk of getting sick. That doesn’t mean you need to start sucking back the multivitamins.

Focus on getting a variety of nutrients each day from fresh fruits and vegetables. The more colours, the better to ensure you’re getting a wide range of important, sickness busting vitamins and minerals.

Keep up your daily dose of 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables during...

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